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laplace_transform    0.802383

laplacian    0.800328

dirac_delta_function    0.798979

hilbert_transform    0.797611

poisson_kernel    0.793095

frobenius_norm    0.792065

mellin_transform    0.788515

logarithmic_derivative    0.785176

laplace_operator    0.784997

heaviside_step_function    0.783532

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Weierstrass transform The generalized Weierstrass transform provides a means to approximate a given integrable function arbitrarily well with analytic functions.
Weierstrass transform Setting "a"="bi" where "i" is the imaginary unit, and applying Euler's identity, one sees that the Weierstrass transform of the function cos("bx") is "e" cos("bx") and the Weierstrass transform of the function sin("bx") is "e" sin("bx").
Weierstrass transform There is a formula relating the Weierstrass transform "W" and the two-sided Laplace transform "L". If we define
Weierstrass transform The above formal derivation glosses over details of convergence, and the formula "W" = "e" is thus not universally valid; there are several functions "f" which have a well-defined Weierstrass transform, but for which "e""f"("x") cannot be meaningfully defined.
Weierstrass transform Nevertheless, the rule is still quite useful and can, for example, be used to derive the Weierstrass transforms of polynomials, exponential and trigonometric functions mentioned above.