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WDEN-FM WDEN-FM was originally created and owned by Marshall Rowland (who also owned country radio stations WQIK AM-FM in Jacksonville and WQYK AM-FM Tampa / St Petersburg FL market) He ownership of the facility was from around 1970 to 1974 and was locally managed by Charles Witte.
WDEN-FM Until December 2000 WDEN was on 105.3 on the FM dial, for about a month WDEN simulcasted on 105.3 and 99.1 until the switch was complete. The day after Christmas in 2000 105.3 went dead and 99.1 took over. Until 2002 WDEN was owned by US Broadcasting. WDEN has been broadcasting in the middle Georgia market for over 40 years and is the top rated country music in the area.
WDEN-FM When asked what WDEN stood for, he replied "We Don't Even No!!"
WDEN-FM WDEN-FM (99.1 FM, "#1 Country 99") is a radio station licensed to serve Macon, Georgia, USA. The station is owned by Cumulus Media and the broadcast license is held by Cumulus Licensing, LLC. WDEN broadcasts a country music format.
WDEN-FM WDEN-FM is home to the "Early Morning Crew" morning show, featuring radio personality Laura Starling and Vance Shepherd. The Early Morning Crew formerly featured Laura Starling and program director Gerry Marshall, who retired in 2004. The current program director of the station is Bobby Reed.
WDEN-FM WDEN-FM is an active participant in the community as well as charitable affairs, conducting a local St. Jude Radiothon for the St. Jude's Children's Hospital annually.
WDEN-FM In the 1970s, WDEN-FM radio personalities included Grady Spires, Don Denver, Ray McDonald, Terry Culpepper, Aubrey Hammock, and Merritt (Buddy) Wheeler. Hammock and Wheeler both had worked at WNEX in Macon together in the mid 1970s as well as several other Middle Georgia stations.
Randy Howard (country singer) Howard worked as a Disk Jockey and Program Director at WDEN radio in Macon, Georgia. He also appeared on television. He formed the company Utopian Enterprises in 1973 and produced a number of records.
WMAZ-TV The station first signed on the air on September 27, 1953. It was the second station to start TV broadcasting in Macon. WNEX, Channel 47 began operation in August 25, 1953 and operated until 1955. WMAZ was originally owned by Southeastern Broadcasting Company, owners of WMAZ radio (940 AM, now WMAC; and 99.1 FM, frequency now occupied by WDEN). WMAZ-TV is the fourth-oldest television station in the state of Georgia and the oldest located outside of Atlanta, beating WDAK-TV (now WTVM) in Columbus to the air by only one day. The Federal Communications Commission awarded Southeastern Broadcasting a license to operate a television station on its second try; it had previously made an unsuccessful bid for the VHF channel 7 allocation one year earlier in 1952. The new station was one of the most powerful VHF stations in the country, providing at least secondary signal coverage from the southern Atlanta suburbs to the western suburbs of Savannah.
W255CJ On 99.1, the station had to maintain lower power and a slightly directional antenna due partly to WDEN-FM 99.1 in Macon, which often caused RF interference with the station, particularly early on calm mornings due to overnight temperature inversions that enhance radio propagation. It was required to run at less than 100 watts due to the proximity of WRAS FM 88.5, since the intermediate frequency (IF) of 10.7 MHz used in radio tuners puts the station's IF at 88.4, overlapping the lower half of 88.5's channel. For its initial two weeks on 99.1, the station was required to run at half power due to testing required for all new directional antenna installations.