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Article Example
Doncaster The Waterdale area of the town centre is currently undergoing rejuvenation, with a new theatre (known as CAST), new civic offices and a new public square already having been completed, on the site of the old Waterdale car park. Currently, the old council house and civic theatre are being demolished, and new housing is also being constructed.
Doncaster College The Hub, located on Chappell Drive in Doncaster, officially opened in September 2006. At the same time, the Church View and Waterdale campuses were closed to the public.
A405 road From the A412, the A405 travels north, past West Hertfordshire Crematorium and Penfold Park Golf Course, to junction 6 of the M1 at Waterdale (2.3 miles, 3.7 km).
Prestwich Prestwich Forest Park consists of of land on the western side of Prestwich incorporating, Philips Park, Prestwich Clough, Mere Clough, Waterdale Meadow and Drinkwater Park.
Bellfield, Victoria Bellfield is bounded in the west by the Darebin Creek, in the north by Bell Street, in the east by Waterdale Road and in the south by Banksia Street.
Ivanhoe, Victoria Ivanhoe Post Office opened on 1 September 1874. Ivanhoe North Post Office, on Waterdale Road near Banksia Street opened on 17 May 1926. An Ivanhoe West Post Office was open from 1955 until 1988.
Doncaster College Post-war demands on the College were so great the Church View could no longer cope by itself. Work started on an ambitious development at Waterdale in the centre of town. Some 6,300 students enrolled at various sites.
Bellfield, Victoria Bellfield is primarily residential but includes the Banyule Waste Recovery Centre on Waterdale Road and sporting fields in Ford Park and Liberty Park Reserve on Banksia Street, towards Darebin Creek.
Doncaster College Waterdale opened and became the headquarters of Doncaster Technical College in 1961. Church View remained as the specialist Arts Centre of the College. The estimated cost of development was £1.3million.
Banksia Latrobe Secondary College Education in the greater Heidelberg area has undergone a large transformation in the past twenty years. Heidelberg High School was opened in 1956. The nearby Heidelberg Technical School was opened in 1955. Heidelberg Girls' High School was opened in 1957, and Rosanna High School opened soon after. As a result of declining enrolments in the area, due to an ageing population, amalgamations occurred, which saw Heidelberg Girls' HS become Waterdale High School and Rosanna High School become Latrobe High School. Eventually, Waterdale High School closed, and in 1989, Heidelberg High School amalgamated with Heidelberg Technical School and Latrobe High School to become Banksia Secondary College. The College was refurbished and re-opened on the old Heidelberg High School site in 1991.