Top 10 similar words or synonyms for wasserschloss

burgruine    0.852403

hodenhagen    0.825737

scharfenstein    0.823454

rhodt    0.822742

schachen    0.819067

osterburg    0.818567

greifenstein    0.817210

burladingen    0.811885

hornberg    0.811349

hofstetten    0.811072

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for wasserschloss

Article Example
Wasserschloss Wilkinghege After that family died out, the new owners became the Winnecken family, who still own the estate, together with the surrounding lands.
Wasserschloss Wilkinghege In 1958 the building caught fire. It was rebuilt largely true to the original, so that it still has the spirit of a castle.
Wasserschloss Taufkirchen A noble family named Taufkirchen is recorded as living in the town in the 11th century.
Wasserschloss Taufkirchen This family expanded the original building, and added a chapel. The altar has the Fugger coat of arms.
Wasserschloss Wilkinghege The Wasserschloss Wilkinghege is a country estate in Kinderhaus, part of the Westphalian city of Münster, Germany. It is built in Renaissance style. Since 1955 it has been used as a hotel with a golf course.