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sorong    0.676994

teminabuan    0.661022

ambae    0.659666

nabire    0.655757

maumere    0.653726

mangole    0.652227

kaimana    0.652125

tabiteuea    0.645863

timika    0.645025

pamulang    0.644507

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Article Example
2010 West Papua floods Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited the area on October 12, 2010. Many survivors have been evaucated to the city of Manokwari. Large amounts of aid had been mistakenly sent to the town of Wasior in the aftermath of the flooding, despite the mass relocation of the relocation of its residents to Manokwari. Officials and NGOs blamed miscommunications for the mistake.
2010 West Papua floods The 2010 West Papua floods occurred on 6 October 2010 in the eastern Indonesian province of West Papua. The floods, which have centered on the town of Wasior in West Papua, resulted from heavy rains resulted in a river overflowing its banks, causing landslides.
Artha Graha Peduli Foundation The AGP Foundation has participated in relief efforts following the Aceh tsunami, the 2010 eruptions of Mount Merapi, the 2009 Sumatra earthquakes, the Rokatenda and Lokon-Empung eruptions, landslides in Wasior and the Jember and Tasikmalaya Regencies, floods in Jakarta and fires. Aid has been provided to Atambua (bordering East Timor), Merauke (near the border with Papua New Guinea), Nunukan Regency (bordering Malaysia), Rote Island and Miangas.