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Wanborough, Surrey The "Wanborough Coins" are part of a votive offering deposited at a Romano-Celtic temple (i.e., late 1st century BC to 4th century AD); this site was looted between 1983 and 1985, but over one thousand silver coins, a small part of the original assemblage, were eventually added to the collection of the British Museum. The British Museum calls the destruction of the Romano-Celtic temple at Wanborough in Surrey 'one of the saddest stories in British archaeology'.
Wanborough, Surrey The present manor house, Wanborough Manor, was built starting in about 1670 by Thomas Dalmahoy, who was MP for Guildford for most of the reign of the restored monarch (that is, Charles II).
Wanborough, Surrey Since the 1960s development has been constrained by its rural isolation and protected status of much of its land, Wanborough has gradually become a mixture of a commuter and retirement settlement. Principal employment areas are the Aldershot Urban Area, Guildford and London.
Wanborough, Wiltshire Wanborough is a large village and civil parish in the borough of Swindon, Wiltshire, England. The village is about southeast of Swindon town centre. The settlement along the High Street is Lower Wanborough, while Upper Wanborough is on higher ground to the southwest. The parish includes the hamlets of Horpit (a short distance north of Wanborough) and Foxhill, to the southeast.
Wanborough, Wiltshire The village has a primary school and a small post office. The village has five public houses: The Brewers Arms; The New Calley Arms; The Cross Keys; The Harrow; and The Plough. There was also a sixth pub called The Black Horse which closed down early in 2012.
Wanborough, Surrey Wanborough ( or ) is a rural village and civil parish in Surrey approximately 6 km west of Guildford on the northern slopes of the Hog's Back. Wanborough lies between Puttenham and Normandy which includes the larger community around Wanborough railway station named Flexford. Wanborough grew around and to service Wanborough Manor which is on the site of ancient springs.
Wanborough, Surrey In 1511 the Abbey obtained the right to hold an annual fair at Wanborough for 3 days from 23 August. By 1536 the fair was making £35 for the abbey and had a pie poudre court to try trading offences.
Wanborough, Surrey The nearest railway station is Wanborough in the large, generally 20th century neighbourhood of Flexford in Normandy, to the North, served by South West Trains who manage the station and by First Great Western. It is on the Ascot to Guildford/North Downs Line.
Wanborough Grange Wanborough Grange refers to an existing late medieval barn and formerly its surrounding monastic grange in Wanborough, Surrey, England.
Wanborough Manor Sir Algernon West, principle private secretary to prime minister William Gladstone, lived in the manor house in the 19th century and was visited by Queen Victoria, who planted a tree in the grounds. Sir Algernon was also responsible for the building of the nearby Wanborough railway station.