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gasthaus    0.793947

leissigen    0.782463

seebad    0.778315

gasthof    0.775939

wimmis    0.775875

schachen    0.773742

hofgut    0.770220

wasserschloss    0.767350

kurort    0.766962

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Article Example
Waldhaus Flims The Waldhaus Flims is a five star hotel in Flims, a resort village to the west of Chur, in the eastern Swiss canton of Graubünden (Grigioni/Grisons).
Waldhaus Flims The hotel was founded in 1877 as the "Hotel Waldhaus" at a time when the tourism potential of the Swiss Alps was leading to rapid growth in the sector. In 2008, following a major building programme, the Hotel Waldhaus was rebranded as the "Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa". In 2015 the business was forced by heavy indebtedness into bankruptcy and 900 shareholders lost their investment, although confidence was expressed that following financial restructuring, likely to include the sale to second home-buyers of holiday apartments included in what had by this time become a major hotel complex, the hotel would survive.
Waldhaus Flims The new facility was placed under the direction of Johann Guggenbühl, a hotel professional who had till that point been in charge of the Zürcherhof (hotel) in Zürich.
Waldhaus Flims The Waldhaus lost its first director in 1892 when Johann Guggenbühl died following a short illness. He was succeeded by his wife, who ran the business with her two daughters. The Company Secretary, Joseph Zahnder, was permitted only to undertake the "greeting and valediction" duties with the guests. For the stay in 1893 of the child Dutch Queen Wilhelmina with the Regent-Queen Mother, a room in the recently completed Villa Silvana had its walls lined with pine timber, and new furniture delivered.
Waldhaus Flims By 1910 the telephone had survived for ten years in its kiosk without inflicting damage, and the telephone connection was therefore extended to the main hotel building. At this stage some of the rooms also received "en suite" bath facilities.