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General Wade Eiling In "JLA" #24 after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, Eiling sends a military team to salvage the indestructible body of the second Shaggy Man from the Pacific Ocean where he has its body shaved. Green Lantern and Aquaman attempt to stop the Corps from retrieving the body, but their efforts are thwarted.
General Wade Eiling The General returns to his base of operations, Threshold. From there he orchestrates a military assault on the JLA. Answering a call for help in Phoenix, Arizona, the Justice League are attacked by American military forces. Spearheading the offensive is a new superhero team called the Ultramarine Corps. Recruited and genetically enhanced by Eiling's lab team, The Ultramarines already exhibit signs of terminal illness. Meanwhile, Batman, the Huntress and Plastic Man track Eiling to Threshold, where they discover that the general transferred his brain patterns into the indestructible body of the Shaggy Man.
General Wade Eiling Having somehow escaped, he has since appeared in the JSA comics fighting Hal Jordan. He is one of the hundreds of villains recruited into the Society. He is a participant in the Battle of Metropolis, the first step of the Society's war on the heroes. This effort fails. Later, he is recruited into the Suicide Squad, where his regenerative powers are significantly diminished. He betrays the team to their intended target. Rick Flag detonates a bomb implanted in Eiling's head, ending the threat. His head and brain eventually regenerate, but results in some amnesia. Eiling continues to serve as a Squad member through Salvation Run. This is the name for a program that exiles supervillains to a distant, earth-like planet without a trial.
General Wade Eiling Even against the combined might of the JLA and the Ultramarines, the General is unstoppable. Batman notices that Eiling's tactical edge and focus are diminished in his new artificial form. Working together, the team fights the monster onto a bulk-matter teleport platform. Eiling is transported to 433 Eros, a 'rocky needle', six miles in length, at the heart of the Sol system's asteroid belt.
General Wade Eiling General Eiling has also appeared in issue number 5 of the "Justice League Unlimited" spin-off comic book.
General Wade Eiling In "The New 52" (a reboot of the DC Comics universe), General Wade Eiling and his men in radiation suits flank Captain Atom. General Eiling tells Captain Atom to fall in line as he is a super-weapon that will keep America on the top. When Captain Atom tells them that he will be just another atomic bomb for them, General Eiling attempts to quarantine Captain Atom. While stating that he can't eat or drink, Captain Atom counters everything that the military throws at him.
General Wade Eiling General Wade Eiling makes a cameo appearance in "SoftWar", the very first story arc of 1993 maxi-series "The Hacker Files".
General Wade Eiling He stays there for several months until Queen Bee recruits him into Lex Luthor's new Injustice Gang. Eiling battles against the Justice League a second time as part of a coordinated attack, this time utilizing a large-scale machine gun. He declares that the League was wrong to banish him to the asteroid with no trial. The battle moves to one of the White Martian warships that is currently inside the Phantom Zone. There, Eiling states his plan to utilize the weapons of mass destruction on Earth itself. Orion's war dog Sturmer participates in a trick against Eiling. The canine tackles the man through a ship's airlock, into the Phantom Zone. This naturally distresses Superman but Orion assures him that Sturmer has willingly made this choice.
General Wade Eiling In the shaved body of a Shaggy Man, Eiling has superhuman strength, durability, speed and endurance as well as a regenerative healing factor.
General Wade Eiling General Wade Eiling, sometimes known as The General, is a villain who appears in comics published by DC Comics.