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vzy    0.940756

vzx    0.940488

vxx    0.937912

vxz    0.925639

vyz    0.909642

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vxzcos    0.846973

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Article Example
Call signs in Australia As of 19 September 1947 Australia adopted the ITU international call sign protocol and recognised amateur radio stations as valid licensees. The ITU issued Australia with the AXA–AXZ, VHA–VNZ and VZA–VZZ blocks.
Vehicle registration plates of Australia There are two types of plates, (standard and mini) designed specifically to look like European registration plates, called Euro plates. The standard Euro plates, introduced in 2005 are wide and high and the mini ones are wide and high. Euro plates have a blue section to the left containing "Vic" vertically above a Victorian Southern Cross, and in the main section contain the letter "V", a full-coloured Victorian coat of arms, and two letters, a space and three numbers (V aa-nnn). These plates use the FE-Schrift font and look like German plates. The general series range from VAA-000 to VZZ-999 are reserved for Euro plates.
Vehicle registration plates of New York When the 1AB 234 format made its first appearance in September 1988, the first serial numbers observed began with 6VB; this was because most plates with serial numbers from 2VA 100 through 9VZ 999 and 2XA 100 through 9XZ 999 were issued from new car dealers, which had exhausted their allocations in the ABC 123 format (roughly VAA 100 through VZZ 999 and XGA 100 through XZZ 999; XAA 100 through XFZ 999 were issued in Suffolk County as mail-out replacement passenger plates). By December 1988 other prefixes began to appear, again not in consecutive order, e.g. 4AB 234 and 7TC 766 both could have been issued on the same day in 1989.
Vehicle registration plates of Australia Skipped combinations: - 1953-2013 - ABC-123 - ASS-000 to ASS-999, BUM-000 to BUM-999, DIC-000 to DIC-999, DIK-000 to DIK-999,(Personalised Plates), FUC-000 to FUC-999, FUK-000 to FUK-999, GAI-000 to GAI-999,GAQ-000 to GAQ-999,GBI-000 to GBI-999,GBQ-000 to GBQ-999 up to LZI-000 to LZI-999,LZQ-000 to LZQ-999, GIA-000 to GIZ-999,GQA-000 to GQZ-999, HIA-000 to HIZ-999,HQA-000 to HQZ-999 up to LIA-000 to LIZ-999,LQA-000 to LQZ-999, (All except IAA-000 to IZZ-999 + I & Q combinations allowed from 1977 starting at AAI-000 onwards) MDD-000 to MUZ-999, MVV-000 to MVZ-999, MZQ-000 to MZQ-999, OOO-000 to OOO-999, SEX-000 to SEX-999, SUX-000 to SUX-999, TIT-000 to TIT-999, TKP-277 to TKZ-999, VAX-000 to VGZ-999, VHD-000 to VZZ-999 + Reserved for Euro Plates), WOG-000 to WOG-999.