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Euphoria (film) The movie stars include young and not yet widely known Russian actors such as Polina Agureeva and Mikhail Okunev. Directed by Ivan Vyrypayev, who has attracted considerable local and international acclaim for his plays (including "Oxygen" staged in more than 20 countries).
Georgy Trefilov Since autumn 2008 there is a time of general crisis of the Holding structures. Banks creditors (Alfa Bank, BTF, Sberbank, Sviaz-bank, Surgutneftegazbank, Rus’-bank, etc.) filed a lawsuit against Trefilov seeking to collect over 1,9 billion rubles. The bank representatives addressed personally to Trefilov as he acted as the warrantor for the loans in these banks. Trefilov tried to keep the shares of the ”RTM” JSC and at the same time he used these shares as a bank pledge. "MARTA Finance" bonds claim was repaid by the credit obtained from this activity. For this purpose the stocks were transferred to E. Vyrypayev (Э.Вырыпаев). In his turn Vyrypayev sold these stocks to "KIT Finance" and sent the received money to Trefilov, who used it to pay the bonds owners. It was followed with a public scandal concerning whether Vyrypayev or Trefilov would have the right of holding this stock of shares. This scandal led to the sharp decline of a stock value. Soon after the “RTM” JSC declared bankruptcy.
Euphoria (film) Euphoria () is a 2006 Russian drama/romance film directed by dramatist and director Ivan Vyrypayev, most recently acclaimed as a co-screenwriter of "Bumer 2". This drama, rightly classified as tragedy, exposes shocking truth about cultural and material poverty of Russian provincial village. In the same year "Euphoria" won the Kinotavr Special Prize of the Jury. At the Russian Film Festival past autumn 2007 in the United Kingdom it was appreciated also, became one of the most successful festival films.