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hintere    0.902396

hinterer    0.860770

oberdorf    0.828734

unterer    0.822311

tannheim    0.818924

untere    0.817652

wegelnburg    0.817365

schwedenschanze    0.816505

rothaar    0.814295

buchberg    0.813951

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Vordere Kesselschneid At the Vordere Kesselschneid is the highest summit in the Zahmer Kaiser, the northern chain of the Kaiser Mountains in the Austrian state of Tyrol.
Vordere Kesselschneid Its summit is located southeast of the oft-visited Pyramidenspitze and is separated from it by a ca. 50 m deep saddle. To the east of the mountain is a long, rocky arête, partly covered with mountain pines which runs over the Hintere Kesselschneid (1,995 m) to the Roßkaiser (1,970 m). To the north its steep rock faces drop into the Winkelkar cirque, to the west lies the long plateau of the Kaisergebirge and the Pyramidenspitze and to the south the mountain falls sharply into the Kaisertal.
Vordere Brandjochspitze The Vordere Brandjochspitze is a peak, high, in the Nordkette in the Karwendel range and is one of its highest and most striking peaks. In its immediate vicinity to the north-northwest is its sister summit, the Hintere Brandjochspitze, which is about 40 metres higher. To the south a prominent arête runs over to the "Brandjochkreuz" () and the "Achselkopf" () and down to the Innsbruck quarter of Hötting. To the east, the main ridge of the Nordkette runs over to Frau Hitt.
Vordere Brandjochspitze The easiest ascent, the Julius Pock Way, runs from the Frau Hitt Saddle (), which may be reached on various routes from Innsbruck or Scharnitz through the "Gleirschtal" and "Kleinkristental" valleys, up to the summit on a UIAA grade I, partly protected, route to the top.
Vordere Brandjochspitze Another popular route runs along the Brandjochsüdgrat (UIAA III-) arête.