Top 10 similar words or synonyms for vivisectionists

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for vivisectionists

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National Anti-Vivisection Alliance A petition was gathered by anti-vivisectionists receiving over 28,000 signatures opposing the building of the beagle breeding farm.
Alexandra Sellers Her favourite cat was an "extraordinarily intelligent and wonderful white cat" who was kidnapped one day by vivisectionists, which broke Sellers' heart. Other favorite cats include a purebred Siamese and Monsieur, a tabby who died two years ago.
Animal rights movement The movement is no longer viewed as hovering on the fringe. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was joined by a wide variety of academics and professionals, including lawyers, physicians, psychologists, veterinarians, and former vivisectionists,
Hugh Dowding Dowding and his second wife Baroness Dowding were both anti-vivisectionists and in 1973 Britain's National Anti-Vivisection Society founded the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research in his honour.
Brown Dog affair The protests were to no avail. The statue was quietly removed before dawn on 10 March 1910 by four council workmen accompanied by 120 police officers. Nine days later 3,000 anti-vivisectionists gathered in Trafalgar Square to demand its return, but it was clear by then that Battersea Council had turned its back on the affair. The statue was at first hidden in the borough surveyor's bicycle shed, according to a letter his daughter wrote in 1956 to the "British Medical Journal", then reportedly destroyed by a council blacksmith, who melted it down. Anti-vivisectionists filed a High Court petition demanding its return, but the case was dismissed in January 1911.
Marie Françoise Bernard Magendie, Bernard and his fellow physiologists—men such as Charles Richet in France and Michael Foster in England—were strongly criticized for the vivisection they carried out on animals, particularly dogs. Anti-vivisectionists infiltrated Magendie's lectures in Paris, where he was dissecting dogs without anaesthetic, allegedly shouting ""Tais-toi, pauvre bête!"" ("Shut up, you poor beast!") while he worked on them.
National Anti-Vivisection Alliance NAVA members gathered in London to march on Downing Street as the start of a new campaign to bring about the abolition of vivisection begun. Marchers carried purple flags, the colour of the anti-vivisectionists, and delivered a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron reiterating the calls.
Vivisection Anti-vivisectionists have played roles in the emergence of the animal welfare and animal rights movements, arguing that animals and humans have the same natural rights as living creatures, and that it is inherently immoral to inflict pain or injury on another living creature, regardless of the purpose or potential benefit to mankind.
National Anti-Vivisection Society In 1979, the NAVS established World Day for Laboratory Animals (also referred to as Lab Animal Day) on April 24 - Lord Dowding’s birthday. This international day of commemoration is recognised by the United Nations, and is now marked annually by anti-vivisectionists on every continent.
Louis Pasteur However, Béchamp was on the losing side, as the" BMJ" obituary remarked: His name was "associated with bygone controversies as to priority which it would be unprofitable to recall". Béchamp proposed the incorrect theory of microzymes. According to K. L. Manchester, anti-vivisectionists and proponents of alternative medicine promoted Béchamp and microzymes, unjustifiably claiming that Pasteur plagiarized Béchamp.