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Vivian Hsu The second of three children, Hsu was born to a Taiwanese father and Tayal Taiwanese Aborigine mother as Hsu Su-chuan (), and used this name until she began her modeling career. Her parents divorced when she was a young child. She attended Taipei Jianxing Elementary School and Taipei Shulinguo Junior High School.
Vivian Hsu Hsu has appeared in a number of films and television programs both in China and Japan. She appeared in the ambitious 2006 mainland China-Taiwan-Hong Kong collaboration "The Knot", a romance film that takes place between the CCP's takeover of mainland China and the present. Her debut film was "Shaolin Popey" (1994), a comedy film which became a box office hit in Taiwan and Hong Kong. She also has some experience as a voice actress, having voiced Aisha in "Gundam SEED" for three episodes.
Vivian Hsu Also appeared in the 2001 film "The Accidental Spy", with Jackie Chan.
Vivian Hsu Hsu released her first solo single in 1995. She released her first full-length album, "Tianshi Xiang" (天使想) in 1996. Shortly thereafter, she took a speed course in Korean, and released a Korean version of the album titled "Cheonsa Misonyeo" (天使美少女). Unusually, neither of Hsu's first two albums was sung in her native language.
Vivian Hsu In 1997, with two Japanese comedians—Kyoya Nanami and Amazan—and later with a second female vocalist known as 'Keddy', she was included in a musical act known as the Black Biscuits. The group was formed primarily as a "rival band" for the Japanese music group Pocket Biscuits, which was the creation of the Japanese variety show "Utchan Nanchan no UriNari". Between 1997 and 1999, they released four hit singles and a full-length album, "Life". Their single CD ""Timing"" recorded 1.5 million sales in 1998. And, they participated in Kōhaku Uta Gassen in 1998.
Vivian Hsu Hsu is also an accomplished lyricist. Her lyric-writing talent first gained serious notice when she completed several songs for Taiwan's R&B singer/songwriter Jay Chou. By proving that she is not just another pretty idol, but a very capable artist, Hsu surprised both her critics and adorned fans. She continued to collaborate with Jay on his second and third albums after his triumphant self-titled debut, and co-wrote songs for other pop performers, such as Leehom Wang, Vanness Wu, Show Luo and Gigi Leung. Her lyric work is much praised for its clever and straightforward simplicity.
Vivian Hsu Some Jay Chou songs that she wrote lyrics for are as follows:
Vivian Hsu Hsu rose to prominence in Japan, where she made her first appearance in 1995 and has become a highly recognized celebrity with her countless appearances in media during the late 1990s.
Vivian Hsu She was also the main vocalist for Black Biscuits, a Japanese dance band which released four singles, "Stamina", "Timing", "Relax", "Bye-Bye", and one album, "Life". All of these four singles reached the top 5 spots of the Oricon singles chart, and "Life" reached #6 in the album chart.
Vivian Hsu Hsu's success in modeling achieved its zenith in July 1996 when she was featured on the cover of two biography (the Japanese edition, and the comparatively low-distribution Hong Kong edition). Like the photobooks, both these items have become very sought after by collectors and fans.