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John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordaunt John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordaunt (c. 1681 – 5 April 1710) was an English soldier and politician.
John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordaunt In 1708, he married Lady Frances Powlett (d. 1715), daughter of Charles Paulet, 2nd Duke of Bolton. They had two sons:
John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordaunt He died of smallpox on 5 April 1710, and was buried at Turvey on 13 April.
John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordaunt The eldest son of Charles Mordaunt, 3rd Earl of Peterborough, he was educated at Christ Church, Oxford after travelling in Holland in 1699.
John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordaunt He saw distinguished service during the War of the Spanish Succession. As a captain, he led the forlorn hope of the 1st Foot Guards at the Battle of Schellenberg in 1704, and was one of the few to survive that bloody assault. Shortly thereafter, he helped lead another furious assault at the Battle of Blenheim and lost his left arm. On 25 August 1704, he was made colonel of the Scots Fuzileers in place of Brigadier Archibald Rowe, killed in the attack at Blenheim. On 26 June 1706 he exchanged regiments with Sampson de Lalo, then colonel of the 28th regiment, but resumed the colonelcy of the Scots Fuzileers in 1709 when de Lalo was killed at the Battle of Malplaquet.
John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordaunt He was elected, as a Whig Member of Parliament for Chippenham in 1701 despite a petition alleging, among other things, he was still a minor. (That year he was aged about 20.) He was a political ally of his father's and managed the attempt to impeach Lord Somers in the House of Commons in the same year. At the General Election of 1705 he vacated his seat to unsuccessfully contest Nottinghamshire but returned to Chippenham later that year in a by-election caused by the death of a newly returned Whig member, and sat until 1708.
John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount Mordaunt John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount Mordaunt (18 June 1626 – 5 June 1675) was an English royalist.
John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount Mordaunt He returned to England again in October after the expulsion of the Rump Parliament, and was planning another rising, but his connections with Hyde occasioned suspicion and he received little favour from any party. He returned to France again in November, then to England again in January. His attempts to discredit Monck and promote French intervention were fruitless: he and Monck were both knighted by Charles at Dover on 25 May 1660.
John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount Mordaunt He was appointed Constable of Windsor Castle, keeper of Windsor Great Park and Lord Lieutenant of Surrey upon the Restoration, but played little role at court. In 1666, he was charged in the House of Commons with having imprisoned William Taylor, surveyor of Windsor Castle, and raped Taylor's daughter. He was impeached by the Commons in December, but Parliament was prorogued in February, and the King pardoned him in July. He resigned his offices at Windsor in September 1668, and went abroad to Montpellier that year.
John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount Mordaunt He did not return to England until 1669, and thenceforth lived in retirement in his house at Parson's Green, Middlesex. He died there of a fever in 1675, and is buried at All Saints Church, Fulham, London.