Top 10 similar words or synonyms for vibrance

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midtone    0.637566

colorfulness    0.627365

chromatics    0.599119

shimmery    0.597258

colourfulness    0.581464

trimshade    0.580974

recoloring    0.580919

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for vibrance

Article Example
Nam District, Ulsan the camellia, depicts harmony between the four seasons and symbolizes the vibrance and enthusiasm of Nam-gu residents;
PhotoSensitive (organization) In response to Toronto's outbreak of SARS, PhotoSensitive documented the vibrance of the city as "Destination Toronto."
Tipp City, Ohio The development of U.S. Route 25 (County Road 25-A) and subsequently Interstate 75 brought construction and vibrance back to the town throughout the 20th century.
Lorevilko People from surrounding areas often come to Lorevilko to enjoy the rural beauty of its bamboo houses, the vibrance of its custom dances, the richness of its mingled cultures.
Free culture movement The organization commonly associated with free culture is Creative Commons (CC), founded by Lawrence Lessig. CC promotes sharing creative works and diffusing ideas to produce cultural vibrance, scientific progress and business innovation.
Darktable Plugins related to hue and saturation include "overexposed", to display pixels outside dynamic range; "velvia", which mimics Velvia film colors by increasing saturation on lower saturated pixels more than on highly saturated pixels; "channel mixer"; "color contrast"; "color correction", to modify the global saturation or to give a tint; "color zones"; "color transfer"; "vibrance"; and "input/output/display color profile management".
Sakura Shukugawa Station With regard to the design of the station building, the basic concept was to give the station a natural warmth and vibrance. The roof line is a conceptual representation of waves flowing down the Shukugawa River, and the walls are the color of cherry blossoms.
Herbert Kohler Jr. Kohler owns a successful Morgan breeding facility where he has bred many well known Morgan horses such as HVK Bell Flaire, HVK Courageous Flaire, and HVK Vibrance. He was the owner of the Morgan horse Noble Flaire from 1985 until its death in 2006.
Architecture of Kerala Nadumuttom will be normally open to sky, allowing sunshine and rains to pour in. This is to allow natural energies to circulate within the house and allow positive vibrance within. A thulsi or tree will be normally planted in center of Nadumuttom, which is used to worship. Architecturally the logic is allow tree to act as a natural air purifier.
Syngenta Key Syngenta brands include Actara (Thiamethoxam), Agrisure (corn with Viptera trait), Alto (Cyproconazole), Amistar (azoxystrobin), Avicta, Axial, Bicep II, Bravo, Callisto, Celest, Cruiser (TMX, Thiamethoxam), Dividend, Dual, Durivo, Elatus, Fusilade, Force, Golden Harvest, Gramoxone, Hilleshoeg, Karate, Northrup-King (NK), Proclaim, Revus, Ridomil, Rogers, Score, Seguris, S&G, Tilt, Topik, Touchdown, Vertimec and Vibrance.