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skagens    0.653619

maihaugen    0.636406

borgeby    0.629977

livrustkammaren    0.625491

fotevikens    0.623918

bygdetun    0.612697

hjortsberga    0.611496

assens    0.611481

viby    0.610432

husnes    0.608093

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Vesthimmerland Airfield Aars Airport , also known as Vesthimmerland Airport (), is an airport located northwest of Aars, a town in Vesthimmerland Municipality ("Vesthimmerlands Kommune"), North Denmark Region ("Region Nordjylland"), Denmark.
Allan Søgaard Larsen Larsen graduated in 1974 from "Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium" in Aars. He continued his education at Aarhus University with a focus on the Nordic language, literature and English. He received his Master's Degree in 1981 and completed postgraduate training to become a teacher in 1982.
Aars Aars is renowned for the Vesthimmerlands Museum, with various exhibits on important regional cultural history and art. The museum was initiated in 1920 by Johannes V. Jensen, and eventually built in 1935. In 1999 the native artist Per Kirkeby and architect Jens Bertelsen designed the awardwinning new extension buildings and the museum have some of Per Kirkeby's artwork on display.