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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for verticillata

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Salvia verticillata "Salvia verticillata" has a leafy base of mid-green leaves covered with hairs, putting up leaf-covered stems that carry inflorescences. The tiny lavender flowers grow tightly packed in whorls, with tiny lime-green and purple calyces. The specific epithet "verticillata" refers to the whorls that grow in verticils. A cultivar introduced in the 1990s, 'Purple Rain', is much more showy and long-blooming, growing about tall.
Asclepias verticillata This species can reproduce vegetatively and does not depend on pollinators, but it does produce some nectar, mostly in the early evening hours. Insect visitors to the plant include wasps, honeybees, and lepidopterans such as moths and the cabbage white. Like other milkweed species, this plant is a host plant for the monarch butterfly whose caterpillars feed on the leaves.
Hedyotis verticillata Hedyotis verticillata is a plant species in the genus "Hedyotis".
Malva verticillata The plant was an important leaf vegetable in pre-Han Dynasty China and widely cultivated. Mallow is mentioned in Huangdi Neijing as one of the five consumable herbs (五菜) which included mallow (葵), pea leaves (藿), "Allium macrostemon" (薤), Welsh onion (蔥) and Garlic chives (韭).
Collinsonia verticillata This rhizomatous herb has two to three pairs of leaves and an unbranched inflorescence bearing white, pink, or lavender flowers, each with four stamens.
Fritillaria verticillata Fritillaria verticillata is an Asian plant in the lily family, native to Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Xinjiang, Kazakhstan, and the Altay region of Siberia.
Erica verticillata Erica verticillata is a species of "Erica" that was naturally restricted to the city of Cape Town but is now classified as Extinct in the Wild.
Erica verticillata Various pollinators such as bees and birds such as southern double-collared sunbirds have been observed feeding on the tubular pink flowers on "E. verticillata".
Conradina verticillata In general, the plant resembles rosemary. It is a relatively small shrub not exceeding half a meter tall in the wild. The stems spread along the ground, rooting at nodes that come in contact with moist substrate. The plant forms clumps or low mats. The stems are lined with clusters of linear, needlelike leaves up to 2.5 centimeters long. The herbage is aromatic, the scent similar to rosemary. The double-lipped flowers are 2 centimeters long or more and generally purple in color with red spotting on the lower lip. White flowers occur occasionally.
Banksia verticillata No subspecies or varieties of "Banksia verticillata" have been identified; it has no taxonomic synonyms; and its only nomenclatural synonym is "Sirmuellera verticillata" (R.Br.) Kuntze, which arose from Otto Kuntze's unsuccessful 1891 attempt to replace "Banksia" with the new name "Sirmuellera".