Top 10 similar words or synonyms for vernaculars

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for vernaculars

Article Example
Donald Friell McLeod encouraged Oriental Studies and voiced his opinion on education in vernaculars. Due to his efforts the British Government introduced vernaculars in universities alongside English.
Manx people Manx people have traditionally had three vernaculars:
Amravati district Vernaculars include Varhadi (similar to Marathi), Hindi, Marathi
Shtokavian All verbs in infinitive finish with "t" (example: "pjevat" 'sing'). This feature is also present in most vernaculars of East Herzegovinian, and actually almost all Serbian and Croatian vernaculars.
Azamgarh district Vernaculars spoken in Azamgarh include Hindi, Avadhi, Urdu, English, and Bhojpuri.
Ram Chandra Poudel He writes frequently political and theoretical affairs which are being published in national vernaculars.
Asphodelus tenuifolius It is also known as wild onion or "jungli piyaz" in the vernaculars.
Gorakhpur district Vernaculars spoken in Gorakhpur include the Hindi language with almost 4,000,000 speakers, and Bhojpuri, written in the Devanagari scripts.
Adoption of Chinese literary culture Chinese words with these pronunciations were also borrowed extensively into the local vernaculars, and today comprise over half their vocabularies.
L.N. Tallur Tallur L. N.’s Antimatter: International Vernaculars and Throwaway Epiphanies: the recent work of Tallur L. N.