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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for veces

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Tres veces Ana Ana Leticia is glamorous, selfish, and manipulative, always needing to be the center of attention, especially with her grandmother, Ernestina (who also believes Ana Lucía is alive), and her uncle, Mariano, the twins' guardians. She's allied with Iñaki who becomes her lover and accomplice to her evil plots and deceits. In San Nicolas, Ana Lucía meets Santiago (really Marcelo) who had an accident caused by Evaristo Guerra from orders of Ana Leticia, his wife, 3 years prior and as a result, has no memory of his true identity or past and is presumed dead. Given a home by Remedios, Santiago leads an ordinary life as a taxi driver and has dreams of Ana Leticia, but her face is blurred causing him to mistake the sisters. Soledad doesn't want Ana Lucía close to Santiago, due to Marcelo having threatened her before the accident, and they separate. Ana Lucía and Soledad come to Mexico City, where they meet Remedios and unexpectedly cross paths with Santiago. Ramiro, Marcelo's best friend, finds him and Ana Lucía. Remedios comes to know Soledad's secret but remains quiet. Blood ties will eventually join the sisters, interweaving their lives in an unexpected way, bringing back together what was once separated.
Morir dos veces On February 26, 1996, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting "Morir dos veces" weekdays at 8:00pm, replacing "Lazos de Amor". The last episode was broadcast on May 10, 1996 with "El premio mayor" replacing it the following day.
Morir dos veces Even though everyone thinks that Cristóbal has died, the returns become an evil man willing to take revenge and destroy his wife and the commander Pizarro.
Morir dos veces Morir dos veces (English title: "Die twice") is a Mexican telenovela produced by José Rendón for Televisa in 1996.
Morir dos veces Silvana is a housewife like any other, lives with her daughter Andrea and her husband Cristóbal, working together in a craft shop that Silvana got after his father died.
Tres veces Ana Tres veces Ana is a Mexican telenovela produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa. It is a remake of "Lazos de amor" produced in 1995. It premiered on May 23, 2016.
Tres veces Ana Production on the telenovela began on January 4, 2016 in Mexico City. Alex Sirvent has been confirmed to perform the theme songs of the telenovela.
Morir dos veces She does not understand how her husband so young, may have suffered from a heart attack. Cristóbal's body was still alive when Silvana finds him in his business and realizes that this has been ransacked.
Morir dos veces Pizarro was suspected Silvana who actually killed Cristóbal to keep the money, making everyone believe he is innocent, so he tries to unmask approach her, but all he discovers is that is madly in love with her.
Tres veces Ana Several years later, Ana Laura is a sweet but quiet and lonely girl who wants to find her missing sister, refusing to believe she is dead. She lost a leg in the car accident as well. She falls in love with Ramiro but doesn't feel worthy of his love and thinks he feels sorry for her.