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C Object Processor The C Object Processor (COP) was a superset of the C programming language. It was used in the Vbase object-oriented database management system developed by Ontologic, Inc. The data model for Vbase was specified by a Type Definition Language (TDL). COP and TDL were influenced by CLU. By 1989, COP and TDL were replaced by C++ in Ontologic's second generation product, ONTOS. The company was also renamed ONTOS, Inc.
Object database Object database management systems added the concept of persistence to object programming languages. The early commercial products were integrated with various languages: GemStone (Smalltalk), Gbase (LISP), Vbase (COP) and VOSS (Virtual Object Storage System for Smalltalk). For much of the 1990s, C++ dominated the commercial object database management market. Vendors added Java in the late 1990s and more recently, C#.
June 2011 Christchurch earthquake The NZX 50 Index fell by 0.4 percent to its lowest level since 20 April; within the index, a total of 24 stocks fell, while six rose and 20 remained unchanged. In addition, the New Zealand dollar declined in the wake of the disaster, reportedly dropping by nearly 0.01 US dollar, or about 1.3 percent. Following a dramatic decline in event numbers, Vbase, a council-owned venue management company, announced the disemployment of 151 of its full-time staff workers. Nationwide, building consents tumbled considerably, dropping by 4.5 percent in the wake of the aftershock. The disaster's impact extended beyond national grounds; in light of its occurrence, Insurance Australia Group reported an estimated net claim loss of A$65 million (US$61.5 million).
Object database Early commercial products included Gemstone (Servio Logic, name changed to GemStone Systems), Gbase (Graphael), and Vbase (Ontologic). The early to mid-1990s saw additional commercial products enter the market. These included ITASCA (Itasca Systems), Jasmine (Fujitsu, marketed by Computer Associates), Matisse (Matisse Software), Objectivity/DB (Objectivity, Inc.), ObjectStore (Progress Software, acquired from eXcelon which was originally Object Design), ONTOS (Ontos, Inc., name changed from Ontologic), O (O Technology, merged with several companies, acquired by Informix, which was in turn acquired by IBM), POET (now FastObjects from Versant which acquired Poet Software), Versant Object Database (Versant Corporation), VOSS (Logic Arts) and JADE (Jade Software Corporation). Some of these products remain on the market and have been joined by new open source and commercial products such as InterSystems Caché.
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