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alekseevich    0.924821

sergeevich    0.920955

andreevich    0.913951

grigorievich    0.912573

semenovich    0.909233

fedorovich    0.907590

evich    0.907544

yevgenyevich    0.907163

leonidovich    0.906943

gavrilovich    0.904437

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Tatjana Vasilevich She has won the Women's Ukrainian Chess Championship three times, and competed in the Women's World Chess Championship twice, and played for the Ukrainian women's team which won a bronze in the World Team Chess Championship.
Tatjana Vasilevich Tatjana Vasilevich (born January 14, 1977) is a Ukrainian chess player, and an international master.
Yevgenii Vasilevich Zolotov In 1981 Zolotov became the director of the Computing Centre of the Far-East Scientific Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, which was established by him in Khabarovsk. At the same time he was elected a member of the Presidium of the Far-East Scientific Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and also President of the Scientific Council for Physics-Mathematics and Technology of the Far-East Scientific Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. On this position he invited to the Far-East Scientific Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences academician Veniamin Myasnikov who has stand the Director of IACP.
Yevgenii Vasilevich Zolotov In 1987 Zolotov was elected a Member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.
Yevgenii Vasilevich Zolotov Annual Physics-mathematician young scientists Seminar in Russian Far-East is dedicated to E.V.Zolotov.
Nikolai Vasilevich Novikov Novikov and his wife had two sons, Yuri (b. 1939) and Nikolai (b. 1943).
Nikolai Vasilevich Novikov This revealed the influential "Novikov telegram" or "Novikov report" which was, in part, a reaction to the highly critical telegram of George Kennan (Stalin and Molotov were among the audience of this "top secret" article.) Novikov was ordered to file a report on the US foreign policy, and created a generally
Yevgenii Vasilevich Zolotov In Khabarovsk E. V. Zolotov gathered a special research team around himself from researchers of Eastern medicines, such as Physicians, Biophysicists, system analysts and programmers. From 1986, after he had created a medical laboratory (it was managed by V. A. Jonicevski, Professor of traditional Chinese Medicine, Candidate of Medicine), the scientists of the Computing Centre started to do research in the area of socio-cultural, medical-ecological and historical-geographical processes in the Far-East.
Yevgenii Vasilevich Zolotov He was awarded with ’People’s Friendship’ Order and lots of others, too.
Nikolai Vasilevich Novikov realistic - for example, in its evidence-based account of US militarisation in point 3 - account nonetheless tinged by ideology at points - such as its frequent appeal to the boogeyman of 'American monopolistic capital' (e.g. point 4.b)) and its assumption that the American elite dictated and orchestrated the newspapers' opposition to Russia (point 7.d)).