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Varkeys Varkeys was a prominent supermarket chain based in Kerala which is now defunct. It had outlets in Cochin, Trichur, Calicut, and Trivandrum. It also owned and operated a hypermarket chain known as V Mart. Other than just retailing it also had a bakery in every store it operated, selling traditional Kerala and Indian snacks which include pastries such as puffs, and samosas.
GEMS Education GEMS Education has its roots in a family tutoring business in Dubai started by Indian-born teachers K.S. and Mariama Varkey in 1959. The discovery of oil in Dubai in 1966 brought in many foreign workers to the undeveloped emirate, including many from the Indian subcontinent. With the increased demand for an English-language education for the children of Indian expatriates, the Varkeys founded Our Own English High School in Dubai in 1968.
GEMS Education When in 1980 local authorities insisted that Our Own English High School be housed in a purpose-built facility, the Varkeys' son Sunny Varkey took over the operation of the school, which taught less than 400 students at the time. He soon expanded the school, and added new schools as well. The education situation in Dubai was ripe for expansion, since local schools were only for native Arabs, and the children of the ever-increasing number of expats needed education of their own. Under his umbrella business organization the Varkey Group, Sunny Varkey opened Indian, Pakistani, and British schools, and offered education under the different curricula: Indian (Central Board of Secondary Education and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), U.S., British, and later International Baccalaureate, French, and dual and local curricula.
North Foreland Lodge In 2002 the school was in financial difficulties, largely due to leading boys' schools becoming mixed and parents moving girls to them to take their A-Levels. Gordonstoun School, supported by some members of the school's own governing body, made a bid to acquire it, and the success of this bid was announced in March 2002, when it was revealed that a new mixed-sex prep school was to be built in the grounds of Sherfield Manor and that North Foreland would continue as a girls-only senior school. A further announcement in "The Times" on 17 April 2002 stated that "The School is now one of The Gordonstoun Schools", adding that Nigel Havers would present the prizes at Carnival Day on 6 July. However, a year after Gordonstoun had bought North Foreland Lodge for a figure reported to be £1 million, the school was closed, leading to allegations of asset stripping. In January 2004 the school's site was sold to the Varkeys group for £6 million.