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historiam    0.901264

lectiones    0.895125

codicum    0.893899

orationes    0.893265

philosophorum    0.892744

paraphrasis    0.891020

graecorum    0.890625

edidit    0.890396

aliorumque    0.885067

virorum    0.883566

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Brown-banded broodsac Intermediate host of "Leucochloridium variae" include:
Aesti Cassiodorus' "Variae", published in 537, contains a letter written by Cassiodorus in the name of Theodoric the Great, addressed to the Aesti:
Felix (consul 511) Theodoric bestowed on him at least one noteworthy office, as in 511 he was already "vir illustris". That same year he was appointed consul in the West, while Secundinus was appointed consul by the Eastern court; the formal announcement was preserved by Cassiodorus ("Variae", 2.1). Another letter to him from Theodoric has survived, which is assumed to have been written in the same year, asking him not to pay some debts claimed by the charioteers of the Hippodrome of Milan ("Variae", 3.39).
Hugh Ripelin of Strasburg The "Compendium" most probably, if not certainly, was written by Hugh of Stasburg. Other works attributed to him are: "Commentarium in IV libros sententiarum"; "Quodlibeta, quaestiones, disputationes et variae in divinos libros explanationes".
Proof of the Euler product formula for the Riemann zeta function Leonhard Euler proved the Euler product formula for the Riemann zeta function in his thesis "Variae observationes circa series infinitas" ("Various Observations about Infinite Series"), published by St Petersburg Academy in 1737.
Friedrich Spanheim Against the Anabaptists he wrote "Variae disputationes anti-Anabaptisticae" (1643) and "Diatribe historica de origine, progressu, sectis et nominibus anabaptistarum" (1645; English translation, "Englands Warning by Germanies Woe", London, 1646).
Bern Riddles The main modern edition of the Berne Riddles is Fr. Glorie (ed.), "Variae collectiones aenignmatvm Merovingicae aetatis (pars altera)", Corpvs Christianorvm, Series Latina, 133a (Turnholt: Brepols, 1968), pp. 541–610.
Peramelemorphia The first record of sexual dimorphism (difference in size between males and females) in a fossil bandicoot was reported from two new species from Riversleigh (Travouillon et al. 2014). Named "Madju variae" and "Madju encorensis", they are closely related to modern bandicoots, but do not fall in any modern family, as did "Galadi" and "Bulungu (genus)". Instead they are classified as Perameloid, with all known Peremelemorphian, to the exclusion of Yaralids. "Madju variae" is also unusual in preserving an ontogenetic series (age series from pouch young to adult), the second of any fossil marsupial mammal in Australia. The study of this ontogenetic series lead researchers to think that "Madju variae" developed slow than modern bandicoots, much more like a bilby, and therefore the rapid development of modern bandicoots must have evolved after the middle Miocene, when Australia started to become more arid.
Christianized sites Cassiodorus, the court secretary to the Ostrogoth Theodoric the Great, described in a letter written in A.D. 527, a fair held at a former pagan shrine of Leucothea, in the still culturally Greek region of south Italy, which had been Christianized by converting it to a baptistery ("Variae" 8.33).
Salvian The "Ad ecclesiam" was first printed in Sichard's "Antidoton" (Basel, 1528); the "De gubernatione" by Brassicari (Basel, 1530). The two appeared in one volume at Paris in 1575. Pithoeus added "variae lectiones" and the first seven letters (Paris, 1580); Ritterhusius made various conjectural emendations (Altorf, 1611), and Baluze many more based on manuscript authority (Paris, 1663–1669).