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banovina    0.774463

podrinje    0.732716

nahija    0.727594

toplica    0.725130

srem    0.720196

podunavlje    0.719137

bosanska    0.716359

skoplje    0.712555

vranje    0.708538

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List of Macedonian football champions The clubs from the territory of Vardarska Banovina (belonging to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia) had a league organised by the Skoplje Football Subassociation. The winner had direct access to the Yugoslav Championship.
Kiril Dojčinovski Born in Skopje, Vardarska banovina, during the occupation of Axis-allied Bulgaria, Dojčinovski started playing in the youth team of FK Vardar in 1958. He will successfully made way into the senior squad, and after a few seasons he made a transfer to Red Star Belgrade.
Pisoderi The ski center is located on Mount Verno, and currently has five lifts and ten trails. The summit of the resort is 1939m above sea level, with a total vertical drop about 420m. The resort has a view of the Lake Prespa, on the border between Greece, Albania and Vardarska.
Political views on the Macedonian language Demetrius Andreas Floudas, Senior Associate of Hughes Hall, Cambridge, explains that it was only in 1944 that Josip Broz Tito, in order to increase his regional influence, gave to the southernmost province of Yugoslavia (hitherto officially known as Vardarska banovina) the new name of People's Republic of Macedonia. At the same time, in a "political master-stroke", the local language - which was until
Fahrudin Jusufi Jusufi was born in Zlipotok village near Dragaš (Vardarska Banovina, Kingdom of Yugoslavia). During his career, he played for FK Partizan, Eintracht Frankfurt, Germania Wiesbaden and FC Dornbirn, retiring in 1972. He was part of the Partizan squad when they became vice-champions of Europe after losing the 1966 European Cup Final against Real Madrid.
Bitola AT the end of World War I Bitola was restored to the Kingdom of Serbia, and, consequently, became part in 1918 of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, renamed Yugoslavia in 1929. Bitola became one of the major cities of the Vardarska banovina.
Invasion of Yugoslavia The first elements of the 3rd Army launched their offensive operations in North Albania on 7 April 1941, with the Komski Odred covering the Gusinje-Prokletije mountains area advancing towards the village of Raja-Puka. The Kosovska Division crossed the border in the Prizren area of Kosovo and was advancing through the Drin River valley. The Vardarska Division gained some local success at Debar, while the rest of the army's units were still assembling.
Gragjanski Skopje Gragjanski was the only club from Vardarska Banovina to compete in the Serbian League, and while SSK Skopje took the opportunity to take advantage in the SLP First Division to win titles and thus play in the qualifiers, it always failed to pass and join Gragjanski in the highest national League, thus indicating the difference in quality that existed at this time between Gragjanski and the rest of the clubs which competed only in the Skopje Subassociation (SLP).
Football in the Republic of Macedonia In 1941, with the Second World War already on way, most the region of Vardarska banovina was incorporated into Bulgaria. The football leagues and clubs were restructured and incorporated into Bulgarian league system. The strongest Macedonian clubs competed in the Bulgarian League (1941-1945). During the second World War, the selection of Macedonian clubs played against the selection of the German army, and played matches against Bulgaria. During this period several Macedonian players were selected and played for the Bulgarian national team.
Invasion of Yugoslavia The next day, the 8th, found the Zetska Division steadily advancing along the Podgorica–Shkodër road. The Komski cavalry Odred successfully crossed the dangerous Prokletije mountains and reached the village of Koljegcava in the Valjbone River Valley. South of them the Kosovska Division broke through the Italian defences in the Drin River Valley, but due to the fall of Skopje to the attacks by the German Army, the Vardarska Division was forced to stop its operations in Albania.