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Tegnestuen Vandkunsten Another early work, the Blue Corner, (Danish: et Blå Hjørne) (1983–89) in Copenhagen's Christianshavn district is characterized by the creative use of the composition of the landscape.
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten The conversion of the Torpedo Boat Shipyard at Holmen, Copenhagen into a block of flats at the turn of the millennium (2001–03), became exemplary in the way the designers created a unique place for living. The steel and concrete Torpedo Hall, constructed in 1954, served as a maintenance hall for torpedo boats. In the conversion the architects left the structural elements intact to emphasize the architecture of this 155 meter long building. Instead, a new independent concrete structure has been built, which has the same five meter grid as the columns in the old hall but, shifted by 40 centimeters. The 67 apartments located in the building range from 83 m² to 275 m².
Vandkunsten (square) In the 14th century, a mill pond was located at the site. The watermill supplied Copenhagen Castle on nearby Slotsholmen with water through a system of wooden pipes. A pumping station was built at the site in 1539 but the water was polluted in connection with one of the many alterations of Copenhagen Castle and it therefore had to be shut down. For many years the site was left as a waste dump but it was finally cobbled upon orders from Christian V and from 1684 it was used as a fish market.The square escaped both the Copenhagen Fire of 1728 and the Fire of 1795. It has also been used as a flee market.
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten One of the office's early works which later became influential was Tinggården, a residential district in Herfølge, a suburb just south of Køge in Denmark (1971–78), notable for the spatial solutions aimed to promote social coherence, the minimization of construction costs through the use of advanced technology and simple materials, and the "relaxed yet modern" expression of the Danish traditions. The social housing complex comprises 78 houses with an average area of 87m².
Vandkunsten (square) Four buildings on the square are listed. Two of the. No. 8 and No. 10, were built as breweries. No. 8 is from 1750. In the 1810s, the brewer moved his activities to Kompagnistræde No. 39 on the other side of the block and the house on Vandkunsten was then converted into a residence for him and his family. The four Ionic order pilaster on the façade date from this time. On the corner with Gåsegade, Ording's House at No. 10 is from 1803 and was also built as a brewery. A memorial plaque on the corner commemorates the Swedish storm oassault on Copenhagen on which took place 10 and 11 February 1659 at this site. The three-bay house at No. 11 (1735) and No. 13 (1754) are also listed.
Vandkunsten (square) Vandkunsten (literally "The Water Feature") is a small square in the Old Town of Copenhagen]], Denmark. It is located on the corner of Rådhusstræde with Løngangstræde. The name also refers to its fountain from 1910.
Vandkunsten (square) The large property at the end of the square (No. 12, on the corner with Løngangsstræde, is called Kronborg due to its Historicist design which is remniscient of that of Kronborg Castle in Helsingør. The building is from 1895 and formerly served as headquarters of the Danish Teachers' Association. The building on the corner with Frederiksholms Kanal (Vandkunsten 1) is from 1910 and was designed by Aage Langeland-Mathiesen.
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten Tegnestuen Vandkunsten a/s, often referred to simply as Vandkunsten, is a Danish architectural firm founded in 1970. Vandkunsten were awarded the Alvar Aalto Medal in 2009 for being a "modern and elaborator of Alvar Aalto's ideological heritage". This was the first time that the Alvar Aalto Medal was awarded to a team of architects instead of an individual. Their pioneering and influential work in residential architecture and housing developments has been described as characterized by convertibility, communality, residential involvement, dense-low rise, and sustainable development. The office comprising around 30 designers, is located in Copenhagen, while having completed projects in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe as well.
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten Tegnestuen Vandkunsten was established in 1970 by the architects Svend Algren, Jens Thomas Arnfred, Michael Sten Johnsen and Steffen Kragh. The partner group has been joined in 2000 by the architects Jan Albrechtsen and Ole Halfdan Andersen and in 2008 by the architects Flemming Ibsen, Pernille Schyum Poulsen, Søren Nielsen and landscape architect Thomas Nybo Rasmussen.
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten Dianas Have at Hørsholm, Denmark (1991–92), and Hestra Parkstad in Sweden (1991–92), became models for the 1990s row house districts in which narrow 'fingers' of buildings emerged into the surrounding landscape. The details of the interiors and exterior and innovative use of materials were meant to enhance the daily life of the people in an exemplary manner.