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purbo    0.903444

natun    0.896028

swapno    0.887882

notun    0.883421

chhoto    0.882771

rupasi    0.879961

kheya    0.876915

daari    0.873581

banglar    0.871448

athara    0.870758

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Buddhadeb Bosu Hothat Alor Jhalkani, Uttor Tirish, Kaler Putul, Sahityacharcha, Rabindranath: Kotha Sahitya, Sanga Nishangata Rabindranath, Prabandha Sonkolon, Mohavarater Kotha, An acre of green grass — a review of modern Bengali literature, Tagore — portrait of a poet.
Nirmalendu Goon Goon was born in Kasban village, Barhatta Upazila, Netrokona District, Mymensingh to Shukhendu Prakash Goon Chowdhury and Binaponi. He passed the Matriculation examination in 1962 and Intermediate examination in 1964 from Netrokona College. In 1969, he got his Bachelor of Arts degree. He published his poem "Notun Kandari" on the magazine "Uttor Akash". On February 21, 1965, he published the poem "Kono Ek Sangramir Drishtite" on the magazine "Weekly Janata".
Muhammad Hamidullah Khan Hamidullah received a service award for gallantry on 15 December 1973. M. Hamidullah Khan wrote a three volume book "71' Northern Front" (in Bangla: Ekature Uttor Ronangon) of his and other guerrilla fighters' accounts of the War of Independence, squarely concentrating on the Central Sector BDF Sector 11. Hamidullah's second book was a two-volume set about the Independence War. He also authored four more books and made two documentaries on the events surrounding the war and post-independence. The Bangladesh Government named Road 23 in the town of Banani, Dhaka after him. Along with those of 55 other fighters, his biography was included in a CD released by the Bangladesh government.
Kolkata Derby Indian international Baichung Bhutia has tallied the most goals in derby matches (19 goals - 13 for EB and 6 for MB), with the diminutive forward transcending the city’s football divide by representing both clubs. His hat-trick in the famous 1997 derby (on behalf of East Bengal) made him the third player to make it and Nigerian Edeh Chidi (on behalf of Mohun Bagan) in 2009, who became the fourth player to score a hat trick in the Kolkata derby. Amiyo Deb is the first footballer to score a hat trick cum 4 goals in this derby in Darbhanga Shield on 5th Sept 1934 and Mohun Bagan won the match 4-1. Further Asit Ganguly is the second player to score a hat trick in this derby in Raja Memorial Shield final on 6th Aug 1937 and Mohun Bagan won that match 4-0 . So the first two hattricks in kolkata derby got scored by two bengalee footballers on behalf of Mohun Bagan . The hat trick records came out in newly discovered derbies which got published in bartaman saptahiki in Jan 23rd and Feb 26th 2016 edition and Uttor bongo sangbad supplementary on 7 February 2016 and in several other leading newspapers (like Eisamay, Pratidin, Bartaman, Uttor bongo) in Dec 2015, Jan 2016, Feb 2016 and Sept 16. Baretto scored 17 goals in this derby and all on behalf of Mohun Bagan.
Amiya Deb Deb played football for Mohun Bagan, and cricket for Bengal. He is the first footballer to score a hat trick in Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal derby. He scored all 4 goals in darbhanga shield (one of the most difficult tournaments in those days after Calcutta league n IFA Shield) in 1934 (5th sept 1934) for Mohun Bagan against East Bengal. It was the Bengal zone, India section semifinal match of Darbhanga shield. Mohun Bagan won the match 4-1. Amiyo deb also scored in darbhanga shield Bengal zone India section final match of 1933 ( 30th Aug 1933) and Mohun Bagan won the match 2 nil. Amiyo scored several goals in the Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal match in the 1930s decade. For detail news please see Ei Samay Bengali newspaper dated 23rd Dec 2015, pratidin patrika 15th Jan 2016, Uttor Bongo sangbad 7th feb 2016 and bartaman saptahiki 23rd Jan 2016 edition and 26 February 2016 edition. Asit Ganguly scored the second hat trick in this Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal derby in Raja Memorial Shield final, which got played in their common ground on 6th Aug 1937 and Mohun Bagan won the match 4-0. East Bengal was the stronger side, but their goalkeeper Peary Das made few costly errors in that Raja Shield final.
Kolkata Derby Like many great rivalries a schism, albeit in this case an indirect one, led to the birth of a local challenger. In 1920, the Jora Bagan club took field against Mohun Bagan who chose play without their star halfback Sailesh Bose, much to the chagrin of club vice-president Suresh Chandra Chaudhuri. Such was the industrialist's displeasure, he decided to form a new club and East Bengal was born. As Chaudhuri and his co-founders hailed from East Bengal, essentially now modern-day Bangladesh, the club is now generally supported by people who migrated from that region. This resulted in the clubs being backed by two different socio-economic groups, although this has largely changed over period of time. The first ever derby took place in the knock-out round of Cooch Behar Cup on 8 August 1921 in the police ground, which ended in a goalless draw. In the replayed match which happened on 10 August, Bagan outplayed East Bengal 3–0. Goals scored by Rabi Ganguly, Paltu Dasgupta and A. Ghosh. East Bengal took revenge later in the same month on 26 August in Khagendra Shield knock-out round by defeating Bagan 2–1. The next year in 1922 on 4 August, Mohun Bagan defeated East Bengal in the final of Cooch Behar Cup 2–0, played in the Mohun Bagan Ground. This entire news got published in Uttor bongo sangbad supplementary on 28 February 2016 and "Sportstar" Magazine April 2016 publication. However, the first Calcutta League match between these two clubs happened on 28 May 1925 at the CFC ground (Mohun Bagan ground), which East Bengal won by 1-0 with Nepal Chakravarty scoring the solitary goal. The first Derby in a major tournament outside Kolkata was held on 28 December 1957 in the Semifinal of the Durand Cup at New Delhi in which the rivals played out a barren draw. In the replay held two days later, East Bengal won 3-2; Tulsidas Balaram, Balasubramaniam and Moosa scored for the winners while Chuni Goswami and N.Mukherjee reduced the margin for the losers.