Top 10 similar words or synonyms for uscharidin

voruscharin    0.795719

calotoxin    0.783069

calotropin    0.781502

calotropagenin    0.778366

calactin    0.767776

asclepin    0.767701

digilanide    0.691469

strophanthins    0.679924

eseramine    0.673661

oleandrigenin    0.672780

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Article Example
Calotropis procera In the case of the Calotropis glycosides, their names are calotropin, calotoxin, calactin, uscharidin and voruscharin (the latter two involve rare sugars with nitrogen and sulphur in the structures). The steroidal moiety (known as "calotropagenin", formula CHO) has one of the more unusual structures. The C-19 formyl (CHO) group is present and there is an additional secondary alcohol as well as the common C3 and D15 hydroxyl functions. The position of this third hydroxyl function remains in some doubt. It was apparently established by the Swiss group under Thadeus Reichstein as being in the C2 position with an equatorial configuration. However, this assignment does not explain some of the known features and behaviours of this molecule, in particular the absence of spin-spin coupling of the two axial protons associated with their geminal hydroxyl groups and the failure to react with iodate in a cleavage reaction which the presence of such a viscinal 1,2-diol would require.