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latifolium    0.943872

sessiliflora    0.943476

speciosum    0.940264

paniculatum    0.939472

bracteata    0.936491

auriculata    0.936352

chamaesyce    0.935655

stricta    0.933766

acutifolia    0.933253

oblongifolia    0.933245

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Orobanche uniflora It grows to a height of five centimeters, and has short (up to 3 centimeter) scaly leaves. The flowers grow singly on stalks and may be up to long. The corolla is violet to yellow-brown, two-lipped, finely fringed with five similar lobes. The species has hairless bracts and purple or white flowers with five petals. The main stem is under the ground, with only the pedicels being seen and each pedicel containing only one flower. The stems are grayish tan. No leaves are on the plant. It reproduces from its seeds, which is produced from fruit that has two sections. Many seeds are produced from the plant's fruit.
Centaurea uniflora This alpine plant occurs in the mountainous areas of the south-east Europe at altitudes above 1500 m, on warm, dry and nutrient-rich soils found in meadows and hillsides.
Iris uniflora "Iris uniflora" differs from "Iris ruthenica" by having thick resilient bracts (leaf on flower stem- where a flower emerges) that remain green (or yellow-green) until the seeds mature. On Iris ruthenica, the bracts usually dry out and die, after flowering.
Iris uniflora The flowers come in shades of purple, from blue-purple to violet. They are 4-4.5 cm in diameter. They have a white viened or striped signal (base of the fall of the flower).
Iris uniflora Inside the capsule, are round, black seeds, that have a small (fleshy-like) appendage.