Top 10 similar words or synonyms for unacquainted

fraternized    0.628725

empathized    0.626593

conversant    0.612125

sympathizes    0.608920

unpracticed    0.601945

converses    0.600652

sympathize    0.590866

regaled    0.589520

acquaints    0.581451

fraternizing    0.580967

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for unacquainted

Article Example
Blind date (disambiguation) A blind date is a courtship meeting between unacquainted persons.
Yeo Yann Yann What was interesting was although the producers were unacquainted with Yann Yann, they used her face as a reference when writing for the character, Mei.
Erving Goffman In "Behavior in Public Places" (1963), Goffman again focuses on everyday public interactions. He draws distinctions between several types of public gatherings ("gatherings", "situations", "social occasions") and types of audiences (acquainted versus unacquainted).
Northern Sami Until the official orthography currently in use was adopted in 1979, each country had its own, slightly different standard, so it is quite possible to come across older books that are difficult to understand for people unacquainted with the orthography:
Mediterraneo It isn't long before everyone's sunny nature appears. The Italian soldiers, unacquainted to a war they clearly don't sense as theirs, are absorbed into the life, heat and landscape of the idyllic island.
Doge (meme) The most common pronunciations of "doge" are and . In non-English speaking countries, "doge" is occasionally pronounced . Those unfamiliar or unacquainted with the meme also use the pronunciations , , , or simply .
Wubi (software) The project's aim was to enable existing Windows users, unacquainted with Linux, to try Ubuntu without risking any data loss (due to disk formatting or partitioning mistakes). It could also safely uninstall Ubuntu from within Windows.
F Jackie While Martling’s humor is famously off-color and his reputation as a comedian is firmly established in the entertainment industry, there is a "caveat" for those fans that are unacquainted with his comedic performances:
A Reader's Manifesto Myers received many attacks on his history and character for his essay. For example, Judith Shulevitz criticized Myers for being a foreigner (he was an Army brat; see B. R. Myers), unacquainted with the literary establishment he is criticizing.
Gustav Bergenroth He speedily manifested the most remarkable talent as a decipherer, interpreting more than twelve ciphers of exceeding difficulty, with which the Spanish archivists were themselves unacquainted, or the keys to which they withheld from him.