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Ulrik Plesner Ulrik Adolph Plesner, usually known as Ulrik Plesner, (1861–1933) was an innovative Danish architect who designed in a National Romantic style at the beginning of the 20th century. He is remembered in particular for his influence on the style of architecture practiced in Skagen in the north of Jutland.
Ulrik Plesner Born in Vedersø near Ringkøbing on the west coast of Jutland, he was the son of parish priest J.F. Plesner. After attending the Copenhagen Technical School ("Teknisk Selskabs Skole"), he entered the school of architecture at the Royal Danish Academy where he studied under Martin Nyrop, graduating in 1893. He developed a simple style typified by compact structures of red brick with white cornices and trimmings.
Ulrik Plesner Plesner was first noted for an extension to Brøndums Hotel in Skagen which he completed in 1892. Much of his subsequent work was in Skagen where he lived for extended periods and became closely associated with the colony of artists known as the Skagen Painters. Highly respected by his colleagues, he contributed to the development of the main style of the period, Historicism. He also associated with Thorvald Bindesbøll who collaborated with him, often designing interiors in the Art Nouveau style.
Ulrik Plesner Plesner first arrived in Skagen in 1891 in connection with the establishment of Højen Lighthouse. The same year he designed the first extension of Brøndums Hotel. The same year, he renovated the house belonging to P.S. Krøyer and in 1913 designed a house for Michael and Anna Ancher. In 1919, he drew up early designs for Skagens Museum and went on to design the town's railway station, hospital, bank, harbor-master's residence, post office and numerous private houses. Plesner died of a heart attack in 1933 while staying in Brøndums Hotel. The last building he designed before his death was Ålbæk Station on the railway from Skagen to Frederikshavn.
Ulrik Plesner (architect, born 1930) James John Ulrik Plesner (13 July 1930, Florence – 2 June 2016, Tel Aviv) was a Danish architect who has mainly worked abroad, most notably in Sri Lanka.
Ulrik Plesner (architect, born 1930) From 1972 until his death, he lived in Tel Aviv and ran an architectural firm with his two daughters, architechts Daniela Plesner and Maya Plesner.
Ulrik Plesner (architect, born 1930) Plesner graduated from Herlufsholm School in 1955 and was employed by Kay Fisker between 1956 - 57.
Ulrik Plesner (architect, born 1930) Ulrik Plesner is the son of the historian, Professor Johan Frederik Plesner and painter Kathleen Risk. He is the grandnephew of Danish architect Ulrik Adolph Plesner.
Ulrik Plesner (architect, born 1930) In 1967 he went to London, where he was at Arup Associates until 1972. At Arup Plesner was responsible for the Oxford Mail and Times 'building, Kensington and Chelsea New Central Depot and Housing and was architectural consultant on highway bridges. 1972 he moved to Israel and established his own office in Jerusalem in the same year. Plesner was city architect in Jerusalem 1976 - 77, where he worked on a new urban plan, and architect of the World Bank 1980 - 87. He has designed Bet Gabriel cultural centre, adopting elements of the regional building traditions. For a short period, he moved his studio to Copenhagen in 1987 and joined forces with Dan Wajnman. In the competition for Copenhagen harbor, he attended 1985 with an acclaimed project. His most important work in Denmark is the Slotsarkaderne shopping mall in Hillerød.
Ulrik Plesner (architect, born 1930) Plesner was married on 7 January 1966 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to Israeli journalist and lecturer Tamar Liebes, born on 28 September 1943 in Jerusalem to classical philologist, professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Joseph Gerhard Julius Liebes (1910-1988) and ceramicist Miriam Leibowitz. Their son, Yohanan, is an Israeli political scientist and former politician. Their two daughters, Daniela and Maya Plesner, both graduated the Bezalel Academy of Architecture (in 1994 and 1997 respectively), and continue leading, and working at, the Tel Aviv architecture firm founded by their father in 1972.