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Twinehurst American Optical Company Neighborhood The houses appear to be somewhat typical 2.5 story two family houses, with their gables toward the street. However, each has extended dormers sufficient to provide a full apartment on the third floor. Each unit originally had a porch on the south side, but in all cases these have been subsequently enclosed. The houses originally had wood shingle siding, but this has generally been changed: on some of the houses it has been replaced by wider wood siding, and on others by synthetic siding. Despite these changes, Colonial Revival trim details have generally been preserved.
Twinehurst American Optical Company Neighborhood The Twinehurst American Optical Company Neighborhood is a residential historic district in Southbridge, Massachusetts. It consists of seven three family houses built by the owners of the American Optical Company to provide housing for their workers. The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.
Twinehurst American Optical Company Neighborhood Six of the seven houses are on Twinehurst Place, a short loop near the junction of Paige Hill Road and Central Street; one house has an address on Central Street but is physically adjacent to the others. The center of the loop is an open grassy area, giving a clear view of the neighborhood. All of the houses were built between 1915 and 1917, and exhibit Colonial Revival characteristics despite subsequent alteration.
Maple Street Historic District (Southbridge, Massachusetts) The American Optical Company was a major employer in Southbridge from the late 19th century well into the 20th century. Its owners, members of the Wells family, had a history of building housing units (which they retained personal ownership of) to rent to workers in their factories. At some point in the early 20th century the company began acquiring existing houses which it also used to provide worker housing. Around 1915 the company built a series of housing units. The Maple Street cluster is one of these; others that have survived relatively intact include Windsor Court and Twinehurst Place, both of which consist of multiunit buildings.
Windsor Court Historic District Windsor Court is a short spur road on the south side of North Street, which runs east-west north of Southbridge's downtown and south of the Quinebaug River. Between the road and the river stands part of the former manufacturing facility of the American Optical Company, once Southbridge's leading employer. Two of the five buildings in the district flank Windsor Court, facing south toward North Street, while the other three stand on the west side of Windsor Court. They are essentially identical in original construction, 2-1/2 story wood frame structures with gable roofs. They differ from traditional triple-decker construction in that they have gabled roofs and Colonial Revival styling. Distinctive features include corner pilasters and recessed porches, some of which have since been enclosed. Although the roofline starts at the second floor, the houses have dormers that run most of the length of the structure, giving the third floor unit additional space. These features are similar to those found in another cluster of company housing on Twinehurst Place.