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Vilhelm Tvede Frederik Vilhelm Tvede (13 May 1826 – 27 November 1891 in Copenhagen) was a Danish architect. His son, Gotfred Tvede, was also an architect, and both worked for Det Classenske Fideicommis. He was responsible for the first architect-designed fisherman's cottage in Denmark in the village of Hesnæs; the roofing was later changed by his son in 1919.
Tvedes Bryggeri In the cellar of his brewery, Hans Jørgen Tvede opened the Vesterbro Samaritan where people in need could get a meal. On 10 August 1878, Hans Jørgen Tvede and his wife Birgitte Frederikke Tvede née Vestberg founded Christen Vestbergs og Jørgen Tvedes Stiftelse. A building with residences for men and women in need was completed at Vesterbrogade 144 in 1870. A plaque with a portrait relief above the door commemorates Tvede.
Victor Weisskopf He married Ellen Tvede. He was survived at death by his second wife Duscha.
Tvedes Bryggeri After Tvede's death in 1878, his two sons, Jørgen Christian Tvede and Peter Valdemar Tvede, and his son-in-law, Jørgen Henrik Bruhn, took over the management of the business. In the 1880s, it became the largest producer of small beer in Scandinavia.
Godthaab Church, Copenhagen Classen Church was used as a temporary parish church until the new church was ready. Another DKK 55,000 was raised for the construction by a local church commission and Gotfred Tvede, the son of Vilhelm Tvede, was charged with the design of the new church building. The foundation stone was set on 3 October by provost and later Bishop of Zealand, Ostenfeld.
Rønninge Søgård In 1860, at the end of Vomme Sø, an octagonal burial chapel was built for the de Mylius's by Vilhelm Tvede.
Church of Our Lady, Kalundborg The altarpiece was designed in 1650 by Lorentz Jørgensen of Holbæk while the pulpit (1871) is the work of Vilhelm Tvede.
Elise Wærenskjold Elise Amalie Tvede Wærenskjold was born in Dypvåg parish, in Kristiansand in the county of Vest-Agder, Norway. She was the daughter of Lutheran minister Nicolai Seiersløv and Johanne Elisabeth Tvede, both of whose families were Danish-born patriots of the newly formed independent country of Norway. Educated by private tutors, she became a teacher and later opening a handicraft school for girls. She became involved in the national temperance movement and became editor of a Norwegian temperance magazine.
Jewish Northern Cemetery (Copenhagen) The brick wall which today surrounds the cemetery on three sides, along Møllegade, Guldbergsgade and Birkegade, was built in 1873 to a design by Vilhelm Tvede. The entrance is on Møllegade. The cemetery was listed in 1983.
Godthåbsvej Aksel Møllers Have (Godthåbsvej 35-41) is a Modernist housing estate built in 1046 to design by Sigurd Tanggaard.. Godthaab Church, located on Nylandsvej, just off Godthåbsvej, is from 1909 and was designed by Gotfred Tvede.