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Porsche 962 German tuner DP Motorsports completed a road conversion in 1992, with a total of three cars, known as DP62s, built upon existing 962 racing chassis. Modifications included moving the headlights higher to meet German legal requirements, plus the addition of a 3.3 L twin-turbo flat-6.
Jaguar XJ220 The development team looked at the two principal competitors, the Ferrari F40 and the Porsche 959. These were powered by compact, lightweight engines; both the Ferrari and the Porsche used forced induction to obtain high power outputs from small-displacement engines. Ferrari used a 2.9-litre twin turbo V8 that produced whilst Porsche used a 2.9-litre twin-turbo flat six producing , resulting in cars that were significantly lighter and smaller than the XJ220 concept: the Ferrari was lighter by 600 kg and 710 mm shorter, whilst the Porsche was 250 kg lighter and 870 mm shorter. The Porsche's specifications were closer to the Jaguar's, with four-wheel drive and a luxurious interior. By comparison the rear-wheel driven Ferrari had a very basic interior, with no carpets, door handles or a stereo.
Mid Night Club As full-fledged members' cars were capable of performing over , the cars were usually boasting over 400–600 bhp, in order to maintain a 350km/h speed through the Wangan straight stretch for well over 15 minutes at a time. One member, originally training to be a doctor before settling on running his family's business, was rumored to be spending over on the rebuilding and modification of his Porsche 911 Turbo nicknamed "Blackbird". The Porsche, with an output of 700 bhp on a stroked 3.6 Liter Turbo flat six, had a long-running rivalry with an Air Breathing Research (ABR) Hosoki Z-Car that made 680 bhp on an L30ETT custom setup. The drivers' professions and personal information were never revealed, as by club policy, members were not allowed to ask the other members about personal information nor professions or to reveal them to other members (and, in the case that the few members were friends, they were obligated to keep silent about it). Only "Max Power", in 1995, revealed the professions of two drivers: one, a RX-7 FD3S owner, was a property developer; the other, who drove a Skyline GT-R R32, ran his family car sales business. Many affluent and well known Japanese "tuning" shop founders are rumoured to be original members, however.