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Article Example
Bai language Wang Feng (2012) gives the following tree for 9 Bai dialects (datapoints). The "Lama" () are in Tuoluo, Gongxing, and Enqi; the "Lemo" () are in Ega and Jinman.
List of Journey to the West characters The Python Demon (蟒蛇精) is based in Tuoluo Manor (駝羅庄) on Qijue Mountain (七絕山). He is armed with a pair of spears. His true form is a giant python with red scales and glowing eyes. He has eaten many people and animals living in that area. He meets his end when Sun Wukong enters his body and breaks out of his stomach.
18 Warriors of Sui-Tang Period Wu Tianxi (伍天锡) was the cousin of Wu Yunzhao. His weapon was similar to Yuwen Chengdu’s golden Tang, but slightly less in weight. Unlike Wu Yunzhao’s notable social status, Wu Tianxi was a brigand in Tuoluo Ville. When Wu Yunzhao was attacked by Yuwen Chengdu, his assistant Jiao Fang went to Tuoluo Ville to ask for help. Wu Tianxi then led his troop to Nanyang Pass to help Wu Yunzhao. However, when they went through the Taihang Mountain areas, they were stopped by Xiong Kuohai because of some small conflicts. Either of them knew each other’s relationship with Wu Yunzhao. They fought against each other in Taihang Mountain for several days, until they both saw Wu Yunzhao and his remained troop fled to this place. It was then Wu Tianxi and Xiong Kuohai started to know each other. After Wu Yunzhao started to fight for Li Zitong, Wu Tianxi also joined that force. In Siming Mountain, Wu brothers and Xiong Kuohai defeated Yuwen Chengdu with the help from Pei Yuanqing. However, they were easily defeated by Li Yuanba in the next day. When Wu Tianxi was travelling to Yangzhou to take part in the martial art test, he met Liang Shitai (see below), who was the assistant officer in Li Yuanba’s troop. Liang and Wu had some conflicts with each other, so they started to fight. Liang was killed, and then Li Yuanba was annoyed. Knowing that Liang was working for Li Yuanba, Wu Tianxi was shocked. He tried to apologize to Li Yuanba, but it was too late. Wu Tianxi tried to flee, but he was reached by Li Yuanba quikely in front of the Tianchang Pass. Then he was killed by the superb warrior during the following battle.