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tframe    0.550180

pmaximum    0.534978

maxdelay    0.531875

maxv    0.526755

timax    0.523772

tjump    0.521018

maxt    0.520788

msminimum    0.518552

dtmax    0.515378

maxr    0.508848

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for tseg

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Umê script Umê (, ; variant spellings include "ume", "u-me") is a cursive form of the Tibetan alphabet. The name means "headless," and is a style of the script used for both calligraphy and shorthand. A distinctive feature of "umê" compared to "uchen" is the absence of the horizontal guide line across the top of the letters. Between syllables, the "tseg" mark () often appears as a vertical stroke. There are two main kinds of "umê" writing: