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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for truncheons

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Baton (law enforcement) The Victorian original has since developed into the several varieties available today. The typical truncheon is a straight stick made from wood or a synthetic material, approximately in diameter and long, with a fluted handle to aid in gripping. Truncheons are often ornamented with their organizations' coats of arms. Longer truncheons are called "riot batons" because of their use in riot control. Truncheons probably developed as a marriage between the club or military mace and the staff of office/sceptre.
Aloe striatula Like other climbing aloes, it can easily be propagated by cuttings(truncheons) as well as by seed.
Time for Heroes Writing under the name Heavyhorse to fans on the Libertines web forum about the song, Doherty explained the meaning behind the lyric "wombles bleed, truncheons and shields":
Indian club Circa 1913/14 the Bodyguard unit of the British suffragette movement carried Indian clubs as concealed weapons for use against the truncheons of the police.
Battle of the Beanfield Eventually the police launched another attack during which the worst of the violence is purported to have taken place. According to "The Observer", during this period pregnant women and those holding babies were clubbed by police with truncheons and the police were hitting "anybody they could reach". When some of the travellers tried to escape by driving away through the fields, "The Observer" states that the police threw truncheons, shields, fire-extinguishers and stones at them in an attempt to stop them.
Black Friday (Maldives) After Friday prayers, at around 1430hrs NSS issued final warning to the crowd. However they refuse to leave the Republican square. Using the previously described commotion as an excuse, the riot police pounced on the protesters, beat them brutally with truncheons and arrested a number of protesters. Women were also beaten with truncheons and they sustained severe injuries. Ambulances were rushed to the hospital with casualties. Tear gas was used on the crowd at around 1500hrs.
Speedy (comics) As Arsenal, Roy Harper displayed proficiency with a greater range of weapons, such as guns, truncheons, and boomerangs. He also became a master of Moo Gi Gong, allowing him to use virtually any handheld object as a makeshift weapon.
February 15, 2003, anti-war protests A protest of around 3,000 (SW estimate) in the Tunisian city of Sfax was attacked by police who beat the protesters with batons and truncheons, injuring at least 20.
World Youth Day 2011 On August 17 a demonstration against public funding of the World Youth Day and for a Spanish secular state took place in Madrid. The protesters were confronted by riot police with truncheons. Eight people were arrested and eleven were injured.
Slobodan Milošević "The New York Times" reported that "a crowd of 15,000 Serbs and Montenegrins hurled stones at the police after they used truncheons to push people away from the entrance to the cultural center of Kosovo Polje."