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atropinyl    0.921375

dihydroimidazolyl    0.859235

dihydrofuryl    0.847108

piperazyl    0.846535

tetrahydroindazolyl    0.841820

azanorbornyl    0.840752

dihydroindolyl    0.839346

thiinyl    0.830064

oxazolidinonyl    0.827372

oxazocanyl    0.826710

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Article Example
CAR-226,086 CAR-226,086 (L-2α-Tropinyl L-cyclopentylphenylglycolate) is a potent anticholinergic deliriant drug with a fairly long duration of action, related to the chemical warfare agent 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate (QNB). It was developed under contract to Edgewood Arsenal during the 1960s as part of the US military chemical weapons program, during research to improve upon the properties of earlier agents such as QNB.
Phosphinimide ligands The synthesis of CpTi(NPR)Cl is achieved with respectable yield through the reaction of RPNSiMe and CpTiCl. An alternative to the Cp ligand is the tropinyl ligand. If this is preferable, tropinyl can be added through the substitution of Cl in TiCl, followed by the addition of the phosphinimide through its lithium salt [RPNHLi], diplacing another chloride. Straight addition of the lithium salt to TiCl is also possible, displacing up to three chlorides. Alkylation and arylation of the phosphinimide complexes is possible through alkyllithium or Grignard reagents, giving products such as CpTi(NPR)Me. Sulfur substituents such as SR can be substituted for the chlorides through addition of LiSR or for the methyls if HSR is added. Several alkyl metallocycle complexes can be achieved through reduction of the metal with Mg along with addition of the appropriate organic molecule (or CO).