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sestrese    0.882772

mestrina    0.869177

rivarolese    0.863331

cormonese    0.854037

fermana    0.853603

derthona    0.852443

scandicci    0.852402

suzzara    0.852135

maceratese    0.847008

anconitana    0.846534

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1919–20 Italian Football Championship Atalanta, Enotria Goliardo, Grifone G.C., G.S. Bolognese, Pro Caserta, Spes Genova, Trevigliese and U.S. Alessandrina were admitted to the "1a Categoria".
Trento Longaretti In a 2013 interview with "Amici di Gabry" he stated that despite residing in Bergamo, he remains "trevigliese" (from Treviglio) as that is where his roots, family, and culture developed. He turned 100 in September 2016.
Giacinto Facchetti Born in Treviglio, in the Province of Bergamo (Lombardy), Facchetti began his career with his hometown club, Trevigliese, as a forward, due to his pace, powerful shot, and technique. He was soon noticed by Helenio Herrera, then manager of Inter, who launched him in Serie A in the late 1960–61 season as an attacking full-back on the left, due to his physique, energy, and tackling ability, in addition to his offensive attributes. The change of role proved to be an effective choice, and eventually Facchetti developed into one of the most effective defenders in Italian football, forming a notable partnership in defence with fellow Italian full-back Burgnich. Facchetti's innovative playing style as one of the first European overlapping full-backs, combining hard defending with offensive prowess, played a key role in the defensive, yet counter-attacking "catenaccio" system of Herrera's "Grande Inter" side that dominated Italian, European, and World Football in the 60s; whilst conceding few goals defensively, Facchetti was also able to contribute offensively with numerous goals and assists. He held the record for most goals in a single Serie A season by a defender, with 10 goals scored during the 1965–66 season, until it was broken by Marco Materazzi during the 2000–01 season.