Top 10 similar words or synonyms for transilluminated

transparentized    0.596366

transilluminating    0.595685

transilluminates    0.594166

transillumination    0.593596

shined    0.575686

brightened    0.562084

illumined    0.551431

usedbrighter    0.547988

transilluminate    0.544369

andilluminating    0.538070

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for transilluminated

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Transillumination Bright transilluminated light can highlight dental caries and sign of dental trauma such as enamel infractions.
Light meter to be measured by aiming the receptor at a transilluminated diffuse surface, and for incident-light calibration to be measured by aiming the receptor at a point source in a darkened room. For a perfectly diffusing test card and perfectly diffusing flat receptor, the comparison between a reflected-light measurement and an incident-light measurement is valid for any position of
Optical microscope Modern biological microscopy depends heavily on the development of fluorescent probes for specific structures within a cell. In contrast to normal transilluminated light microscopy, in fluorescence microscopy the sample is illuminated through the objective lens with a narrow set of wavelengths of light. This light interacts with fluorophores in the sample which then emit light of a longer wavelength. It is this emitted light which makes up the image.
Orthogonal polarization spectral imaging It uses a light source of linearly polarized light with a wavelength of 550 nanometers, an isosbestic point for hemoglobin, thus imaging the erythrocytes as they are flowing through the small blood vessels. The reflected light orthogonal (at a 90° angle) to the emitted light is recorded, thus eliminating direct reflections. The depolarized light forms an image of the microcirculation on a CCD, which can be captured through single frames or on videotape. The image produced is as if the light source is actually placed behind the desired target or transilluminated.
Stereoscopic acuity Since the Howard-Dolman test described above is cumbersome, stereoacuity is usually measured using a stereogram in which separate panels are shown to each eye by superimposing them in a stereoscope using prisms or goggles with color or polarizing filters or alternating occlusion (for a review see ). A good procedure is a chart, analogous to the familiar Snellen visual acuity chart, in which one letter in each row differs in depth (front or behind) sequentially increasing in difficulty. For children the fly test is ideal: the image of a fly is transilluminated by polarized light; wearing polarizing glasses the wing appears at a different depth and allows stereopsis to be demonstrated by trying to pull on it.