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Bàu Tró Bàu Tró ("Bàu" in Vietnamese dialect means "pond") is a lake in Đồng Hới city, Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam. This lake is an important fresh water supply for more than 130,000 inhabitants of Đồng Hới. Bàu Tró is better known for archaeological findings by French archaeologists during French Indochina periods. The artefacts found here dated back as far as 5,000 years ago, displaying important proof of human settlements in this area.
Quảng Bình Province There are several high schools and primary schools in counties. Inhabitants here regards education as family tradition and the most important means to make ends meet and to eliminate poverty. Quảng Bình province is the land of rich culture and famous people. There is an archaeological site of Bàu Tró, Phù Lưu ancient bronze drums in the time of Dong Son's culture.
Old Norse An early difference between Old West Norse and the other dialects was that Old West Norse had the forms "bú" "dwelling", "kú" "cow" (accusative) and "trú" "faith" whereas Old East Norse had "bó", "kó" and "tró". Old West Norse was also characterized by the preservation of "u"-umlaut, which meant that for example Proto-Norse *"tanþu" "tooth" was pronounced "tǫnn" and not "tann" as in post-runic Old East Norse; OWN "gǫ́s" and runic OEN "gǫ́s", while post-runic OEN "gás" "goose".