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palloilijat    0.906277

veikot    0.902971

urheilijat    0.900492

jalkapalloklubi    0.891308

palloseura    0.890362

viipurin    0.885521

pojat    0.883424

tampereen    0.883304

kissat    0.877540

sudet    0.875571

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Article Example
Toverit Helsinki The club was most based in the neighbourhoods of Vallila and Hermanni. Its sports included football, ice hockey, boxing, orienteering and athletics.
Toverit Helsinki Beginning in 1923, the club participated in the pesäpallo (“Finnish baseball”) Finnish Championship Series, achieving a bronze in that season.
Turun Toverit Turun Toverit (TuTo) is a sports club based in Turku, Finland. It was established in 1929. Today it is best known of its ice hockey section TuTo Hockey. Other sections include sports like football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling and athletics. TuTo is a member of Finnish Workers' Sports Federation.
Toverit Helsinki Toverit Helsinki (Finnish "Helsingin toverit", 'Comrades of Helsinki') was a sports club in Helsinki, Finland, which was founded in 1916. Its history apparently ended in 1962.
Toverit Helsinki The club won bronze in football in 1934, 1935 and 1939.
Turun Toverit Most famous TuTo-athlete of all-time is Voitto Hellstén, the 400 metres bronze medalist at the 1956 Summer Olympics.
Turun Toverit TuTo Hockey plays currently in the Finnish second level Mestis.
Toverit Helsinki Veikko Pakkanen and Viljo Huuska were among the sportsmen who founded the orienteering competition Jukola relay in 1948. The club was one of the organisers of the first two events in 1949 and 1950.
Toverit Helsinki In the 1950s and 1960s the club was active in youth work in ski jumping in the Helsinki area.
Turun Toverit Football section of TuTo has played five seasons in the Finnish top division Mestaruussarja. Their best achievement is second place in 1947. Season 2014 TuTo plays in the fourth tier Kolmonen.