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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for torta

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Torta Although, the "torta ahogada" (meaning "drowned" "torta") of Guadalajara is so called, because it is smothered in a red sauce. Different fillings are available and they may be mixed to create an original "torta".
Torta "Torta frita" is a fried flatbread eaten in Uruguay and Argentina.
Torta The Italian "torta" is differentiated from "crostata" by the filling: a "crostata" has an inconsistent chunky filling, whereas a "torta" has a consistent filling made of blended ingredients.
Torta Torta was a work of Spanish influence in the Philippines. The Spanish are fond of using garlic, onion, and tomato, all of which can be used in torta.
Torta Tortas can be served any time during the day. There are many variations on Filipino tortas, such as:
Torta In Italian, “” means simply cake, however sweet or savoury. However, in the US, it came to have a different meaning within the Italian-American community.
Torta It originated in different regional variants of flatbread, of which the "torta de gazpacho" and "torta cenceña" are still surviving in certain areas of Central Spain. Tortas are also mentioned in Leviticus 24:5-9, in the Spanish translation of the Bible. Presently, however, the word "torta" is also applied to different kinds of bread and pastry products according to the region.
Torta Historically, the difference between "torta" and bread was its round and flat shape, as well as the absence of yeast in its preparation. The well-known word "tortilla", used mainly in Mexico (not in Spain, though), means a "small torta", while "tortada" means "big torta". In most regions, a "torta" was traditionally considered an inferior form of bread, as the well known Spanish aphorism expresses:
Torta In turn, in Mexico a variation says: "A falta de pan, tortillas" ("Where there is no bread, "tortillas" are fine").
Torta "Torta de huevo" is a typical pastry from Sobrarbe, Aragon, Spain.