Top 10 similar words or synonyms for toroya

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for toroya

Article Example
Helios Eclipse As Mineko travels in the Magic World, she keeps growing and growing without Helios's protection. After a long walk, she faints in the desert, dreaming of Helios. When she wakes up, Toroya is in front of her. She tries to fight Toroya, but it is useless. Evilina appears, and forces Toroya to release Mineko. Evilina had a chance to kill Toroya, but after a tough fight, Toroya traps Mineko. Mineko escapes using her ability to copy others. Toroya is too great for them both, and Evilina is badly wounded. As they becomes nearer to their death, a mysterious group wearing masks helps them, beating Toroya. Mineko and Evilina are taken to a safe place while the leader of the group remains to fight Toroya. The mask is slashed, revealing the leader to be Helios. Using his Element Purification which is the Wood Element, Minchinini, Toroya attacks Helios, who calls up his element Miraa, burning Minchinini's power. Combining Miraa with his sword, Helios produces the Flaming Dragon Sword, defeating Toroya instantly. Toroya is rescued by Soileh before Helios can extract the Wood Element from him.
Helios Eclipse In the Dark Castle, the three Dark Wizards, Toroya, Arisu, and Sangatsu return empty-handed. Lucifer is so furious that he attacks Toroya, but Lucifer could not defeat him and is almost killed. They are stopped by their leader, Soileh, Helios's "Shadow".
Helios Eclipse Darkross and Lucifer appear and attack them. Luna traps Mineko in a rock shelter and then defeats Lucifer. Toroya appears, and Luna uses all his might to defeat him. As a last resort, Luna uses the purification element and calls up Kekimuru, the Earth element, to defeat Toroya. The earth element attacks Luna, killing him. The magic field protecting Mineko weakens, freeing her. The Keeper and Loius arrive, but Luna's injuries are too great.
Helios Eclipse Soileh orders his three minions to capture Mineko. Not knowing she is in the Magic World, they are ordered to search for her in the Human World. Toroya tortures a teacher to learn Mineko's whereabouts from Evilina. Toroya and Sangatsu went into the Magic World to search for Mineko. Louis asks Evilina and the others to pursue them, in order to protect Mineko. Louis fights Arisu; as a last resort, Arisu uses an Element Purification which is the Water element that escaped Helios and releases Shinwanara. Louis defeats Arisu using the enhancing pill that Evilina gave him, but Arisu does not give up, ordering Shinwanara to kill Louis. Shinwanara is stopped by Soileh, who orders Arisu to follow Toroya to the Magic World. Louis attacks Soileh as the pill kicks in.
Helios Eclipse After jealous arguments, Mineko faints again, and Helios gives her a gold bracelet. Countessa, jealous and hateful of Mineko, secretly meets with the leaders of Wind and Wood Valleys as well as Soileh and Toroya. They plot to destroy the Magic World, but Countessa asks them to not hurt Helios. Lying, they agree, on the condition that she separate Helios from the others.
Helios Eclipse Because Helios watched the child Toroya kill a cat in cold blood in the human world, he became prejudiced against humans, despising them. Helios thinks that Mineko is the same—that she is a hypocrite and only wants Helios to thank her because she saved his life. When he rushes back to where Mineko is, she is alive, but dying. He uses a lot of his magic to try and bring her back to life, but can't save her.