Top 10 similar words or synonyms for tornal

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subbasal    0.772283

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postdiscal    0.766895

hindwing    0.761810

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preapical    0.748779

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for tornal

Article Example
Darlia praetexta costal and tornal spots. The hindwings are light shining grey.
Stigmella polydoxa It is characterised by its small size of 3mm and a silvery tornal patch in cilia.
Neostatherotis pallidtornus The name refers to colouration of tornal area of the forewing and is derived from Latin "pallidus" (meaning pale).
Elachista titanella The length of the forewings is 5–6 mm. The wing pattern is variable, ranging from almost unicolorous pale ochreous to brownish grey. In darker specimens, the broad pale fascia and blurred tornal and costal spots are discernible. The costal spot is found beyond the tornal spot.
Dicymolomia metalophota The apical and tornal areas of the forewings are brownish-orange, as is the antemedial line. Adults have been recorded on wing year round.
Perigonia ilus The wingspan is 54–58 mm. It is similar to "Perigonia lusca lusca", but can be distinguished by the yellow tornal area of the hindwing underside.
Papilio paris Underside of wings similar to that in the male, but the tornal and subtornal markings generally formed into more or less complete eyespots.
Sarisophora tamiodes yellowish, deeper towards the apex, slightly fuscous-tinged on the tornal area. The hindwings of the females are grey, the apex yellow-tinged.
Schneidereria platyphracta and two others beneath this on the fold, the second sometimes absorbed in a black tornal spot. There is some grey suffusion and indications of blackish
Idiophantis discura The wingspan is 13-14 mm. The forewings are fuscous with a strongly-curved light leaden-bluish dark-edged line from two-thirds of the costa to the dorsum before the tornal prominence, more or less obscurely margined with ochreous anteriorly. The apical and tornal prominences, beyond this are light ochreous-yellow, with a grey-whitish streak along the upper part of the apical prominence, and some black suffusion towards the middle of the termen. The hindwings are grey.