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TOPSIS Linear normalisation can be calculated as in Step 2 of the TOPSIS process above. Vector normalisation was incorporated with the original development of the TOPSIS method, and is calculated using the following formula:
TOPSIS Two methods of normalisation that have been used to deal with incongruous criteria dimensions are linear normalisation and vector normalisation.
TOPSIS In using vector normalisation, the non-linear distances between single dimension scores and ratios should produce smoother trade-offs.
TOPSIS formula_27 if and only if the alternative solution has the best condition; and
TOPSIS 8. I. Beg and T. Rashid: Multi-criteria trapezoidal valued intuitionistic fuzzy decision making with Choquet integral based TOPSIS, OPSEARCH, 51(1) (2014), 98-129.
TOPSIS Normalisation is usually required as the parameters or criteria are often of incongruous dimensions in multi-criteria problems. Compensatory methods such as TOPSIS allow trade-offs between criteria, where a poor result in one criterion can be negated by a good result in another criterion. This provides a more realistic form of modelling than non-compensatory methods, which include or exclude alternative solutions based on hard cut-offs. An example of application on nuclear power plants is provided in.
TOPSIS formula_28 if and only if the alternative solution has the worst condition.
TOPSIS The Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) is a multi-criteria decision analysis method, which was originally developed by Hwang and Yoon in 1981 with further developments by Yoon in 1987, and Hwang, Lai and Liu in 1993.
TOPSIS TOPSIS is based on the concept that the chosen alternative should have the shortest geometric distance from the positive ideal solution (PIS) and the longest geometric distance from the negative ideal solution (NIS). It is a method of compensatory aggregation that compares a set of alternatives by identifying weights for each criterion, normalising scores for each criterion and calculating the geometric distance between each alternative and the ideal alternative, which is the best score in each criterion. An assumption of TOPSIS is that the criteria are monotonically increasing or decreasing.
TOPSIS and the distance between the alternative formula_17 and the best condition formula_21