Top 10 similar words or synonyms for tojiri

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changbang    0.637380

paengmu    0.635860

hambuk    0.619027

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sinnamp    0.614107

sindap    0.613839

songrim    0.613780

paengma    0.612163

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for tojiri

Article Example
Tojiri Station This station provides the Namp'o Smelting Complex with rail service.
Tojiri Station Toji-ri Station is a railway station in Toji-ri, Hanggu-guyŏk, Namp'o Special City, North Korea. It is the terminus of a branchline from Namp'o on the P'yŏngnam Line of the Korean State Railway.
Nampo Smelting Complex The facility is served by the Korean State Railway via Tojiri on the P'yŏngnam Line.
Pyongnam Line The Namp'o Smelting Complex at Tojiri processes nonferrous metals, shipping gold, zinc, coarse and refined copper, copper wire and chemical fertilisers. It receives ore and concentrates from mines at Taedae-ri and Suan.