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heinrichsberg    0.775599

matzendorf    0.765443

aussichtspunkt    0.757590

gebesee    0.749097

pfarrhof    0.746797

weesenstein    0.743267

wenigzell    0.741874

altenhausen    0.741794

haselsdorf    0.737569

lichtenwalde    0.735918

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Article Example
Altenbrak Within the local area are the forest inn of Todtenrode ("Gasthaus Todtenrode") and the "Jagdschloss Windenhütte" which are also checkpoints 65 and 59 in the Harzer Wandernadel hiking network.
Böser Kleef The Böser Kleef can be reached on foot from several directions including a footpath from "Forsthaus Todtenrode". It lies above the Bode valley in woods. In the second half of the 20th century a refuge hut was built at the top. From the crag there are views of Altenbrak and the surrounding woods.