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Article Example
Tocando Fondo "Tocando Fondo" became a moderate hit form Arjona. On the "Billboard" Latin Songs chart, the song only managed to reach No.20, the first single from "5to Piso" not to enter the top 10, after "Como Duele" reaching No.2 and "Sin Ti... Sin Mi" reaching No.4. The song proved more successful on the Latin Pop Songs component chart, reaching No.6 and thus becoming "5to Piso"'s third top ten hit on that list, after "Como Duele" at No.1 and "Sin Ti... Sin Mi" at No.4. On the year end charts, "Tocando Fondo" was the 28th best-performing single of 2009 on the Latin Pop Songs chart.
Tocando Fondo "Tocando Fondo" is a song written by Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona for his eleventh studio album, "5to Piso" (2008). The song was released as the third single from the album.
Tocando Fondo The music video for "Tocando Fondo" was filmed in Mexico City. Website Estereofonica commented that the clip "traduces on a very literal way the meaning of the song." Arjona stated that "Tocando Fondo" talks about those feelings "that cane make us fall ina precipice."
Tocando Madera Tocando Madera is the third album of the Puerto Rican rock band Sol D'Menta. It is their first live album, and it was recorded September 2, 1999 during a presentation of the band at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The album was released by on April 25, 2000.
Estas Tocando Fuego Estas Tocando Fuego is the sixteenth studio album by La Mafia. It was released on October 19, 1991. The album entered the Billboard Latin Regional Mexican chart at number sixteen. By March 21, 1992, it reached the number one position and stayed in that position for twenty-three weeks. "Estas Tocando Fuego" became a phenomenal hit surpassing sales expectations every where. The record went on to become the first ever million selling album in the history of tejano music. The band's outstanding performance prompted Sony to present them with the prestigious Premio Cristal, created by the label to honor artist who attain worldwide sales in excess of 500,000 units for a single album. The album was certified triple platinum, and La Mafia earned Billboard and Premio Lo Nuestro band of the year. The album tied with Selena's Entre a Mi Mundo for best regional Mexican album of the year at Premio Lo Nuestro 1993.
Jacbern In 2014, Jacbern co-wrote with Cris Zalles and Sie7e, Sie7e's leading single off his new album "Tocando el Cielo"
Pasatono Orquesta The band and its work were featured on a television program called Tocando tierra on Mexico’s Canal 22.
Leonel Kaplan In 2013 he started a new project with Austrian sine waves minimalistic Klaus Filip. They first album "Tocando Fondo" has been released on Another Timbre (UK) in November 2015.
Valeria Lynch In 1980, while performing the musical "Estan tocando nuestra cancion" with Victor Laplace and Cipe Lincovsky in Buenos Aires, she released her third studio album "Capricornio". The song "Somos Locos del Amor"was a favorite of the Argentine public.
Alfredo Olivas Olivas has composed songs for several notable bands. Los Cuates de Sinaloa recorded Olivas' song, "Tocando with the Mafia," which peaked at #13 on Billboard's Top Regional Mexican Albums in 2011.