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tbmax    0.734627

nmin    0.695810

maxr    0.675924

thmax    0.675800

bmin    0.675354

kmax    0.671281

omax    0.667855

umin    0.654346

maxt    0.653239

kmin    0.646739

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for timax

Article Example
Dave Parry At fabric Dave Parry worked closely with owner Keith Reilly to ensure that the club could offer visitors something they'd never experienced before. The most notable developments Dave introduced was the first body kinetic dance floor (which became an infamous feature of the venue) as well as a timax 3d sound system. The club was since voted the best club in the world for 9 years running.
Eleanor McEvoy Releasing on compact disc, SACD, and vinyl, McEvoy's albums have won many audio awards. "Early Hours" was the first to use TiMax (unique audio imaging) technology, mixed in 5.1 surround-sound onto multi-channel SACD. McEvoy's album "Love Must Be Tough" was named Album of the Year by "Hi-Fi Plus", the prestigious UK publication, and was released on vinyl in August 2008 by Diverse Vinyl in the UK.
Early Hours Early Hours is Eleanor McEvoy's fifth studio album. The style of this album differs from her previous work with its collection of songs incorporating many musical styles including folk, jazz, and blues. The album features McEvoy on vocals, guitar and fiddle. Album co-producer Brian Connor accompanies her on piano, Hammond, and a variety of keyboards. Also featured on the album are drummer/percussionist, Liam Bradley, Calum McColl on guitar, bassist is Nicky Scott, and Lindley Hamilton on trumpet. "Early Hours" was the first album to use TiMax (unique audio imaging) technology, mixed in 5.1 surround sound onto multi-channel super audio compact disc Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD).
Eleanor McEvoy March 2004, saw the release of "Early Hours" (Market Square MSM51SACD128, distributor RSK/BMG), produced by McEvoy and Brian Connor. The album featured McEvoy on vocals, guitar, and fiddle; Connor on piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, and keyboards; Liam Bradley on kit percussion and backing vocals; Calum McColl on guitars and backing vocals; Nicky Scott on bass; and Lindley Hamilton on trumpets. The style differed from McEvoy's previous work, taking on a jazz/blues feel for many of the songs. "Early Hours" continued the high-quality audio work that had been established with "Yola". This album was the first to use TiMax (unique audio imaging) technology, mixed in 5.1 surround-sound onto multi-channel Super Audio CD (SACD). "Early Hours" was voted Best Contemporary Album 2004-2005, by Irish Music Magazine Readers Poll.