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Drillia tholos Drillia tholos is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Drilliidae.
Drillia tholos The length of the shell attains 5 mm, its diameter 2 mm.
Drillia tholos This species occurs in the demersal zone off East London, South Africa.
Tholos de El Romeral In 2016, the dolmens of Menga, Viera, and El Romeral were all inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name "Antequera Dolmens Site".
Tholos de El Romeral Although it is believed that these megalithic buildings had different uses (tombs, temples, etc.) the Romeral Dolmen is certainly a burial site because human remains, shells, and two types of ceramics were found within it.
Tholos of Delphi The manifold combination and blending of various architectural styles in the same building was completed through a natural polychromatic effect, resulting from the use of different materials. Materials used included Eleusinian thin slabs (called “titanolithos”) and Pentelic marble in the superstructure and limestone at the platform. The building’s eight-arched roof was also constructed of marble, and was decorated respectively by eight female statues carved in sharp and lively motion. The building is believed to have been created by architect Theodore, a native of Phocaea, Asia Minor.
Tholos of Delphi Despite their fragmentary nature, the architectural reliefs on the Dome of Delphi reveal the great skill of their creators, as regards both the treatment of materials – especially marble – and catching details with vitality and excellent anatomical accuracy. All these novel compounds with unexpected combinations in the iconographic tradition of the 4th century BC introduce an innovative artistic movement, resulting in a creative competition between the art of relief and sculpted plastic art. Particularly to achieve the above confrontational blending of antithetical elements, the discernible elements include the high relief which may be detached from the plate of the panel, the kinesiological freedoms of the sculptures achieved through their details, as well as the dramatic intensity reflected in the figures to demonstrate the passion and the fury of the conflict of enemies in lively battle scenes.
Tholos (Ancient Rome) A tholos (pl. "tholoi"), from Ancient Greek θόλος), in Latin tholus (pl. "tholi"), is an architectural feature that was widely used in the classical world. It is a round structure, usually built upon a couple of steps (a podium), with a ring of columns supporting a domed roof. In Roman cities they could often be found in the center of the macellum, where they might have been where fish were sold. Other uses for the central tholos have been suggested, such as the place where official weights and measures were held for reference or as shrines to the gods of the market place. Some macella had a water fountain or water feature in the centre of their courtyard instead of a tholos structure.
Tholos de El Romeral Tholos de El Romeral situated 2.5 kilometres north east of the town of Antequera (Andalusia) is one of the most important examples of Neolithic architecture in southern Europe. Tholos de El Romeral, also known as "Cueva de Romeral" (Cave of Romeral) and "Dolmen de Romeral", is a megalithic burial site built circa 1800 BCE. It is one of three tombs in region, the others being Dolmen de Menga and Dolmen de Viera, both situated to the south west.
Tholos de El Romeral Tholos de El Romeral is a chambered tomb covered by a mound. It consists of a long corridor with drystone walls made of small stones and a ceilings made of megalithic slabs. The corridor culminates with two consecutive round beehive-like chambers. The larger chamber has a diameter of approximately 4.20 metres and has corbelled walls built in the same way as the corridor, projecting inwards and culminating in a megalithic capstone. The floor of the corridor and main chamber are made of packed earth. The second chamber is linked to the first by a rectangular corridor (and is not accessible to the public). It has a diameter of approximately 2 metres, contains a stone slab bier, and the floor of the small room is covered with stone slabs. Bones and grave goods wee found within the dolmen.